• Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

L for Little Free Library #AtoZ Challenge #alphabits




Welcome BACK! It’s L day here at the #atozchallenge blog hop and boy have I got something extra special for you! I’m proud to have partnered with the Little Free Library folks and Alpha Bits cereal! You know I love nothing more than getting books into the hands of kids, right? I’m committed to promoting reading and building a sense of community.

What’s a Little Free Library? Watch this video and see what’s up!

Little Free Library is a network of small, handcrafted free-standing structures (similar to a birdhouse) where members of the community can borrow, take or leave books for others. Libraries are set up by members of the neighborhood and facilitate community fellowship.

I’m thrilled to be a steward of a Little Free Library!  Stay tuned as I share my progress and other activities with you.

To learn more about Little free Library and how you can get involved, visit Little Free Library  website or on Facebook or on Twitter! For more information on Alpha Bits visit their website. And stay tuned for more library and alpha bits fun!