• Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

Ford 99 Test: #Too Many Lies by @Daphine Glenn Robinson


So here we are at the Ford 99 Test for Too Many Lies. What’s the Ford 99 test? It’s simple really:

  • Open your book to page 99
  • the author will discuss the scene, sort of an inside look at what’s going on

Deidre, having been “burned” for real by her husband, finally had a chance to escape her reality and be up close and personal with her teen idol, LL Cool J. They were dancing the way she imagined star crossed lovers would dance, and just when he was about to go in for the kill and plant those juicy pink lips onto hers, Stanley calls, interrupting her dream.

The record was scratched, just like in the old movies when some out-of-towner waltzes into a saloon.
In her mind she was thinking, do you have to mess up EVERYTHING? Even my dreams? Really? D@$# you, Stanley Thompson!

I wrote this scene to show that even as naïve as Deidre appeared at times, she still fantasized about normal things like finding LL to be a “hunky” man. Stanley made her sick and she didn’t care that she was about to kiss LL in her dream. She may have even thrown herself on him if Stanley had let her dream on. That is why she was so irritated with his conversation, or lack thereof. At this point in the story, the distance had totally disconnected her from her husband.

This is the beginning of the new Deidre.

YAY for new beginnings!  As readers, we are glad that Deidre finally realizes that she needs to get out of her bad marriage.  And of course, we can’t wait to see what happens, although we think we know…

In celebration of Deidre’s new beginning Daphine is offering one lucky reader a SIGNED copy of her latest release!

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