• Tue. May 21st, 2024

Donate Your Old Books & Create Jobs at Goodwill #DonateStuffCreateJobs


Friends, here’s a little Public Service Announcement and something I feel very strongly about: Goodwill.  Now don’t laugh:

Did you know that donating one bag of clothing and one bag of books can equal up to 2.3 hours of on-the-job training for someone in your community? Add to that a used lamp, a dusty computer and perhaps a box of DVDs and CDs, and that number nearly doubles to 5.2 hours.
Donating to Goodwill and other agencies is important to me for many reasons:
  1. It’s green! You recycle your old stuff by letting someone else use it.  This saves the planet and I like this planet; it’s where I keep my books.
  2. You can buy books (donated by someone else) for dirt cheap, like a quarter! This is how I’ve developed the world’s largest Harry Potter collection.
  3. It helps people work. People who might not otherwise be gainfully employed learn work skills, contribute to society, and generally feel better about themselves.  What’s more important than that?

Nothing is.  That’s why Goodwill is so important. The things we take for granted might be life changing to someone else.  Check out this great video:

Now, I might not have had a keytar (keyboard + guitar) from the 80s, but did you notice that there were plenty of books in each video clip?  There’s something for everyone at Goodwill!

So what are you waiting for? Dig out those old Babysitter Club books and romance novel s(you know the ones with all the pages containing the good scenes folded over) and whatever else is just cluttering up your home (and my planet) and drop that stuff off at Goodwill.

Click here to enter your zip code to find a Goodwill near you.

What have YOU donated recently?