• Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

Diary of a Girl Next Door: Archie Comics


If you are like me, you read the Archie comics when you were a kid. Times have changed and fortunately, Archie comics has changed too. Here’s a new comic I’m excited to get my hands on, Diary of a Girl Next Door.

Everyone knows how tough it is to figure out the next move; life is full of hard decisions, tricky maneuvers, and brief chances to get it right, all in pursuit of the best career, the most thrilling adventures, and the perfect romance. Now, imagine you only had 720 days to define the rest of your entire life — forever. That’s exactly the predicament facing Betty Cooper, Riverdale’s famous overachieving teen, in Diary of a Girl Next Door, her new cartoon journal from Archie Comics! 

This title is for middle grades and just right for fans of graphic novels, comic books, girl power, or any of the diary titles.


Gone are all the sexist stereotypes that permeated the comics of the 50s. These books have GIRL POWER! You know what else I love about this book? Betty rides a BMX!

How cool is that?

Go get em Bets.

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