• Tue. May 21st, 2024

Thanks DC for a fun and quick visit @Shotatlife


You might have heard that I am a Shot@Life Champion.  I care very deeply about keeping kids healthy; if they are sick, they can’t read. And that makes me a sad panda. Recently I traveled to our nation’s capital for a very quick and fun (yay!) trip to chat with the folks at Shot@Life. Every little bit of money that comes to Shot@Life goes straight to giving children around the world vaccines to keep them healthy!

Because I’m a mother and care so much about giving children around the world the healthy advantages I’ve had for my kiddos, I’m constantly trying to improve my effort to help Shot@Life. Did you know that $20 (twenty bucks!) Give a child a lifetime of immunity to protect her from pneumonia, diarrhea, polio and measles?


That’s why I was thrilled to be asked to return to DC for a quick brainstorming visit.  Take a look at my collage for the fun side of my trip.


As you can see, I spent time at the trains station and also snagged a “free” Shot@Life pen. The knowledge I gain in forming relationships with other champions is priceless.

Next time? I might wear my tiara.

Meanwhile, let’s get those kiddoes vaccinated!



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