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#AtoZChallenge: K – Kim by Rudyard Kipling


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K is for Kim, have you heard of Kim?

Kim is a story from the great Rudyard Kipling, author of The Jungle Books.

“I have seen something of this world,” she said over the trays, “and there are but two sorts of women in it–

those who take the strength out of a man, and those who put it back. Once I was that one, and now I am this.”

Number one son was given Kim by a dear friend many years ago.  This great story may be difficult for some to get into. Young Kim is orphaned in India  and the book documents his travels and adventures. I love it because it is a picaresque novel, which, loosely translated, is a novel in which a person goes on travels and adventures.  These travels do not necessarily follow any sort of chronological or linear path, which is a fun alternative to your normal adventure; think Alice in Wonderland or Kim!

I love anything having to do with the Indian subcontinent and feel like this YA book should be a must read for teens.  It’ll get them thinking and also learning about history at the same time!

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