• Fri. May 24th, 2024

#AtoZChallenge: J is for Amish


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J is for Amish. Yes, it is!

I have a wonderful little book called

Just Plain Fancy by Patricia Polacco

Unconventional librarian

Just plain fancy is the story of two Amish girls living in Lancaster County PA

“Everything around here is so plain,” Naomi complained. “Our clothes are plain, our houses are plain, even our chickens are plain.  It would pleasure me–just once–to have something fancy.”

“Shaw, Nomi, you aughtn’t to be saying such things,” little Ruth scolded.

I love this book about Amish! I love that Polacco makes the characters seem very real, as she does with all of her multicultural characters.

Living outside the Philadelphia metro area, I am very near Lancaster County and we are used to seeing and respecting their simple lifestyles.

I could totally go for some shoe-fly pie right now, couldn’t you?

What have you read about the Amish?