• Mon. May 27th, 2024

Add Lil Libros to your Lil Library


Add Lil Libros to your Lil Library


I love Lil Libros so much! I add them to my library whenever I can. There’s no better way to teach a small child than combining their heritage with basic shapes, colors, numbers, etc.

Cuauhtemoc: Shapes-Formas

Cuauhtemoc - Shapes - Formas

A sneaky way to get some knowledge inside the kiddies about the Aztecs.


Un Elefante: Numbers -Numeros NumerosNumeros

Un Elefante

¿Cute little elefantes in  pajaritas y faldas?  ¿Qué no se podría amar? 

Bilingual and Spanish language books for los ninos.

Also counts toward the Diversity Reading Challenge!

$6, $8, $10 Event at Crazy8