• Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

The 7 Days to A Better Blog Challenge by Brandi Jeter Riley Book Review


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    You might remember a book blast I featured a little bit ago by blogger and now author Brandi Riley. The book is called 7 Days to a Better Blog Challenge. Now you know Pammy Pam is friend to self published authors but what makes this book even more special is that although I’m proud to call Brandi a friend, her book is genuinely good. Brandi’s writing is concise, clear, and friendly. Imagine if your best girlfriend was telling you how to make your blog better. She wouldn’t mince words but she would be tender with you, ya know? That’s what 7 Daysdoes. She gives you a reason to want to do better. And she makes the methods to change easy. I love easy, remember? In addition to providing concise tips, each chapter is summarized with two headings:

  • You Better Work! which provides important bulleted points she wants you to work on, and
  • Big Better Tip: the really real one thing you must do

I love the Big Better Tip most of all because let’s be honest; sometimes we are in a hurry and want results immediately, like yesterday. If you ONLY do her Big Better Tip, you’re already winning. I’ve worked with Brandi on other projects so I know she knows her stuff and there is information for EVERYONE in this tiny book that packs a punch. I even picked up a couple of tips, because she’s just. THAT. GOOD. Bonus downloads are included smack dab in the book so you don’t have to leave the book and go searching for something. It’s all inclusive. Like a resort. (I AM in Aruba, you know) Yep, one stop shopping with this book. It’s in there. Get this book today and you’ll improve your blog over coffee and brekkies. I did (of course, I’m in paradise but my quest for reading books is never quenched)! When you see Brandi, tell her Pammy Pam sent ya: Mamaknowsitall.com and on Twitter @BrandiJeter