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Kiss and Tell by Sandy Green


Kiss and Tell by Sandy Green

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A little magic changes everything…  What if your lip gloss told you the truth? Would you want to know?
In Kiss and Tell, the book alternates between JENNA, a contemporary teen, and VERITY, a former ancient water spirit paying penance as Jenna’s truth-telling magical lip gloss.  After a life of lies and deception, Verity has been transformed into a Sibbecoss – the Kiss of Peace – and permitted to offer and reveal the truth to the ones with the courage to hear it. When Verity reveals Jenna’s painful and shocking past to her, Jenna forgives those responsible and forsakes those who would control her. But that isn’t quite enough to save Jenna from deadly harm. Verity has one last chance to ultimately atone for the horrors she caused in her past and repair the link between her and Jenna. Will Verity find redemption and peace in the present by protecting Jenna’s future?

Sandy is a choreographer and former ballet dancer, chapbook author and YA/MG author, whose work has appeared in such places as Bitter Oleander, Chicken Soup for the Child’s Soul, Highlights for Children, and U.S. 1 Worksheets.
Prior to writing fiction, she lived in the village of Holm in northern Germany for a short time. Little farms were integrated in the village, and she enjoyed hearing the cows mooing, walking to the bakery, and riding bikes by the Elbe River!
She has a BFA in dance from Florida State University and currently leads the liturgical dancers at her church in Virginia where she lives with her husband and two children.

Coming in Feb. 2014:
No One’s Watching (Astraea Press) YA Contemporary
Kiss and Tell (Buzz Books USA) YA Fantasy
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