An Unconventional Alliance: My Blogging from A to Z Challenge Team

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I love April because I get to participate in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge!



I’ve put together a team of helpers aka an Alliance, to help survive during the month of April.  Think of April like The Hunger Games and an Unconventional Alliance as your survival team members. We’re not trying to eliminate you from the game, we’re trying to help you survive, which means EVERYONE WINS!!


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Look MA I made FRIENDS!

Why am I telling you this?

Because, if you are participating in the challenge and you receive a helpful tweet or email or visit from one of the Alliance Team Members, you’ll know that they are here to help.

And who doesn’t want help?

So here they are:

Linda: @LindaWonder

Linda is a writer, editor etc living in the magnificent literary community of the Twin Cities in MN. With 20 years of publishing experience, she runs BookMania! providing literary services. She regularly reviews for Library Journal and Publishers Weekly, and has had posts, poems and essays published in various places. Linda’s other jam is Publishing Bones, a fledgling website for writers. She is a complete unapologetic book freak. She blogs at Publishing Bones.

Anna @hello_handbag

Anna is a social enterprise enthusiast with a distracting passion for handbags. She live in sunny Los Angeles. You’ll find her at brunch over the weekends or searching for LA’s best chicken wings on weeknights. She loves anything elephants, most of all her adopted elephant Quanza. Beijing, Chiang Mai, and Machu Picchu are next on her travel list. In her spare time she helps give hats to kids who’ve lost their hair to cancer.  She blogs at

Claire @Clairenoland

When Claire is not dancing the hokey pokey with kindergartners, she is planning and taking field trips with friends, family, and fabulous kiddos to places near and far. If not able to take an actual trip, they travel via kids books. In addition to teaching and writing she volunteers with an international child welfare organization. When not traveling, you can find her bird watching on the California coast or wandering through a central valley orchard or farm with her Labrador retrievers.

Suzanna @onehooliemama

Suzanna blogs over at One Hoolie Mama where she shares her  adventures with her hooligans (“hoolies” for short).  She is  a wife, boy mom, fur mom, runner and fitness enthusiast, lover of chocolate and wine, volunteer, who also happens to work full time.

I think they are the best team ever.


11 thoughts on “An Unconventional Alliance: My Blogging from A to Z Challenge Team”

  1. Hi,
    I am looking forward to the challenge. This is my third year and every year gets better.
    Good luck.

    Pat Garcia

  2. I volunteer as tribute!!

    Naw, you’ve go it covered nicely!

  3. Awww! Aren’t you the sweetest thing! You are the best team leader EVER! This is going to be so much fun. Looking forward to everyone’s great posts! We have a fabulous team!

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