• Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

Two Must Have Books

Because kids are so unpredictable, it’s often difficult to anticipate what they will love or what will bomb.

For example, my older twos/younger threes LOVED

The Napping House.

My twos? Not so much.


Because I have 17 of them and nap time is a noisy time and they can’t concentrate.

Quite accidentally, however, I did discover two books

my twos love:

This Old Man by Pam Adams is the old old old song sung by many children over the ages,

however I suspect its use may have fallen out of fashion.

Nonetheless, I picked the song up on the cheap, prolly at a thrift store

and sheepishly presented to my students.

And guess what?

they love it.

Love it.

The other day I think we read/sang it five times!

To be sure, the illustrations are a little creepy and are certainly not multicultural

but WOW is the song catchy!

The next book I stumbled upon by accident is

Over the Rainbow, which I found in the school library.

the book comes with a CD of the song performed by Judy Collins.

The illustrations are masterpieces alone

but coupled with the CD,

the book is breathtaking.

I kid you not when I tell you that no matter how many times a day I read this book

the children always applaud at the end!

The children ask for “Rainbow” when they are noisy and need to calm down.

It is known as our quiet book.

Sometimes to extend the story, I’ll make my own drawings on the white board that mimic the drawings in the book.  The children will often tell me what to draw based on their memory of the story: rainbow, blue birds, a red house, a mommy, a cat or a horse.  The cat and horse are not in the story but I try to keep their attention by drawing what they ask. It’s cute.

What are your go-to books?

7 thoughts on “Two Must Have Books”
  1. Well, I’m not teaching, yet. So, I don’t have any go to books. However, I can definitely see the need for them. I haven’t read any of those books. I should do that, they look fun.

  2. When I was teaching 4th grade my go to books were Shel Silverstein’s poetry books. They were always the perfect transition between activities.

    1. oh i LOVE poetry, esp Shel Silverstein. thanks for the idea!

  3. I used to go for the type of books that really made my daughters imagination go wild. One that I remember was about an elf who helped on a farm in the winter. The books that have the same phrases are always loved.

    1. that book sounds interesting connie. lemme know if you remember it!

  4. I have the over the rainbow book. We love it.

  5. Sweet books! We love Napping house! Great reviews on these books.

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