Just in Time for Easter: Curious Mary and Esme the Bunny by Julia Antoine

Too Clever III Curious Mary and Esme the Bunny by Julia E. AntoineThis book is the third installment in Julia Antoine’s Too Clever series. The book begins with Curious Mary’s visit to her aunt and uncle’s farm in the country, where she spent her Easter school break. The story covers Mary’s trip from the bus to the farm and her efforts to save her favorite pet, Esme the bunny. When Mary learns a terrible fate is planned for Esme on Easter Sunday she uses all her creative skills to save her best bunny pal from a being Easter Sunday dinner. Did she succeed? Get the book to find out, how and if, Mary was successful in saving Esme, her best bunny pal.

My passion is advocating for diversity in children's and YA literature.


  • Astrid

    This soudns like a truly great book. It demonstrates how rights-conscious some children are and hopefully how this child succeeds.

  • C. Lee McKenzie

    I should have seen this earlier. I bought Easter books for all the kids in the family who already have way too much candy.

  • Shan Jeniah Burton

    I think my almost-eleven year old daughter would love this – but I do wish there were more books in which the children didn’t attend school. She never has, and that’s a frame of reference that alienates her a little.

    Loving your site, though! =D

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