• Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Thrift Store (sort of) SCORE!


Last weekend Pumpkin and I were doing some back to school shopping at a shopping center we’d never been to before.  To our delight, there was a discount bookstore there! We love getting books on the cheap and while these books werent as cheap as say the Goodwill (often $.35) it was still a deal too good to pass up.

Here’s what I scored:

In case you can’t see:

  • Biscuit Goes to School
  • My Lucky Day
  • Whistle for Willie
  • Hi Cat

I’m super excited about these books for lots of reasons.  Biscuit is an easy book for little ones to identify with.  I’ve already shared it with the class because our theme was Back To School this week.

I’m always ALWAYS on the lookout for Ezra Jack Keats titles and had to restrain myself to only buy the two. Turns out these titles were a little too much for my tods but so what, I STILL love Ezra Jack Keats’ multiculturalism!

And finally, My Lucky Day is a funny book my co-teacher turned me onto: a clever little pig who “accidentally”  shows up at a fox’s house.  The fox thinks the pig will be his dinner, but the pig is more clever than that.  I bought this copy to replace the one she shared with the classroom. Kids love love LOVE to read “teacher books” and while they try to be careful, accidents happen and they were begging to “read” her book.

What books have you bought lately?  Any thrift store scores?