• Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Test and Essay Prep


Study tips provided to you by Corilynn

If you are anything like me, the hardest part of completing any assignment is getting started. I have spent hours sitting there just thinking how I can possibly work my way into an assignment. Generally, once I am struck with an idea, I am able to just sit and write for a few hours without too much effort and thought. It has always been getting that initial paragraph, that jump start, that takes me the most time. That is why I love finding coursework guides. They give me examples of related course work which in turn provides inspiration to getting started on my own projects. The work provided has all been created by experienced students and/or teachers. Many of the papers include comments from teachers explaining what makes a good point and what might be considered off topic or count against you in the grading process. I have always learned the best from the teachers who took the time to really explain in depth their grading processes, speaking not just to the mistakes that were made but to the the strengths of a paper as well. With the annotated papers, it is like having the best, most indepth, conference with a teacher detailing all you need to know about what should be included and what is extraneous in a paper. There are also peer edited work to give you a well-rounded view of a topic. Sometimes just getting a glimpse of someone else’s quality work is all it takes to spark something in my own head. You can never have enough resources and this one provides tons quality work to reference.


It’s not just useful for inspiration and guidance while writing papers, but also is a great study tool for exams! You can use the papers to review essential points on a topic and prepare for open ended questions that might catch you off guard. There is nothing worse that staring at the essay question on exam, mind totally blank, with just a short amount of time left to finish. You don’t have to be unprepared like that anymore, now you can come in with key points already worked out in your head ready to be put down on paper.