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Two Thanksgiving Books for Preschoolers

There are books available for preschoolers for Thanksgiving, but many of them I don’t like because I feel as if they promote ugly and inaccurate stereotypes of Native Americans.  These depictions may seem innocuous but I don’t believe teaching children to believe stereotypes of certain people is a positive education.

I’ve chosen two books that I feel are appropriate.

My First Thanksgiving by Tomie de PaoloDe Paolo strives to write books that include multicultural characters, which I’ll discuss in another post,  but this particular book is helpful because while it mentions Native Americans, it does not focus on stereotypes.They are friends who come with food for a feast.  The book also talks about what kids really understand: eating food and helps littles identify what foods they are likely to eat during Thanksgiving.  This book could lead to great discussions and teachable moments.

Another book I like is called Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks by Margaret Sutherland.  The characters are multi-ethnic, which I love, but also children learn to be thankful for real things like friends, family, having a bedroom, etc, things they can identify with, at almost any age.  Again, plenty of teachable moments in this book.

Following is a video of these two Thanksgiving cuties.

What Thanksgiving books to you read to your children?

Books Children Reviews

Seriously, Just Go to Sleep by Adam Mansbach

Here’s a bedtime story for kids, “Seriously, Just Go to Sleep by Adam Mansbach.”  This is the CLEAN version of Go The FOK to Sleep.  It’s equally as funny and endearing.  I hope you enjoy it.

You’ll notice that there are children and parents of different colors in this book YAY!!

Four paws for ethnic diversity!


How the Queen Found the Perfect Cup of Tea

How the Queen Found the Perfect Cup of Tea


I love finding a book that combines my fave things: children and tea! If you’ve been around a minute you’ll know that I host literary themed tea parties for kids. You can imagine how excited I was to learn that there was a book called How the Queen Found the Perfect Cup of Tea by Kate Hosford and Gabi Swiatkowska that involved a queen wearing a tiara.

Why is  a queen wearing a crown so important? Why else? This gives me a chance to share the book with my friends during a story time video on YouTube. You can’t tell in the video but I’m totally wearing my tutu.


Wasn’t this a great story? The queen learned to make tea AND how to become a friend. I love love love love this book; so many teachable moments.

I have a YouTube channel where I read books to kids; maybe you’ll find a story that you like. Check out An Unconventional Librariantube!

Don’t have time to visit YouTube? No worries, you can check out my videos here on An Unconventional Librarian. Just click over to 070 New Media: Videos.  Let Pammy Pam read to the  kiddos by watching a video or two!

Books Children Reviews

When you Gotta Go by William Tellem is STILL my favorite bathroom book

When you Gotta Go by William Tellem
is STILL my favorite bathroom book

When You Gotta Go by William Tellem

If you’re afraid of potty humor then don’t watch this video.  As you can see from the video, I’m almost laughing as I read the book.  It was given to me because I enjoyed it so much.  I am honored and flattered to have received this book.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

When You Gotta Go is published by, “sharp stories for keen kids”.  I am in love with this publisher.  Need more multicultural books for children around here. Did I mention the book was graciously given to me by SwordPen CEO Zev Lewinson himself?  Here’s a link to a blog post he wrote *about* me!

Meanwhile, watch the video. Have an open mind and…LAUGH


What did you think? Too silly for you?


How to Get Started Vlogging: Sale!

Did you know that yours truly wrote a book?

It’s true, it’s true!!


And it’s a right fine book about vlogging. If you’ve ever wanted to start vlogging but found every excuse under the sun to get started, now is the time!

There’s no excuse for why you too can’t open up a can of video blogging whoop ass!

If I can do it, you can too.  You don’t need heavy machinery or a PhD in molecular bionics to get started. All you need is your device (iPhone, tablet, etc) and some light.

Seriously, it’s that easy. Because it’s so easy I want you to have this book. That’s why I’m offering a sale: snag one (or three!) copies of How to Get Started Vlogging for the low price of .99!

That’s practically free! What else can you get for NINETY NINE cents?

Nothing but a heartache, really.

I know you have something to say, and now is the time to let the world hear your voice! For NINETY NINE friggin fraggin cents you can now conquer the world, one video at a time!

It’s for one week: May 26-June 3. Cheapest and best present you’ll ever give to yourself or someone else.


Free & Quick Proofreading from Grammarly!


How to Get Started Vlogging by Pam Margolis



Do you vlog? Why or why not? You must know by now that I vlog.  I love nothing more than to get in front of the camera to share my love of books with my friends.  I love watching other vlogs because it makes me feel like I actually know the person I’m watching.  Haven’t you ever wondered what someone’s voice sounded like? When you meet them in person are you like: Hey, I thought your voice would be higher, deeper, scratchier, etc?

Anyway where was I? Oh. Vlogging.  I wrote a book called How to Get Started Vlogging just in case you want to get started vlogging but didn’t know how.

Cuz it is easy. I spoke at Book Expo America (BEA) about vlogging.

And now, I wrote a book about how to get started vlogging.




If you’ve thought about vlogging but didn’t think you could because it was too difficult; think again. Grab a copy of my book and see how easy it is for yourself!




BookGirlTV is My New Fave Channel on YouTube @SamiJoLien @BookGirlTV

Tessa Smith McGovern finds the best new books to read for BookGirlTV so you don’t have to and takes you behind the scenes with today’s top authors.

With BookGirlTV, McGovern cuts through the advertising and hype to find what books you should be reading right now. She aims to save people time and money by only highlighting exceptional books that readers will want to finish and to provide readers with an interactive, entertaining and life-enhancing monthly video book club that fits anyone’s schedule. BookGirlTV also works to shine a light on under-recognized female writers, both emerging and best-selling, and can help new authors learn strategies and wisdom from successful authors.

The most recent edition of BookGirlTV’s author interview show, ‘Just Books with Tessa Smith McGovern’ features an interview with Linda Fairstein about her book “Terminal City,” which reveals the “dark side” of New York City’s Grand Central Station. McGovern’s upcoming interviews include Adam Braun, founder of Pencils of Promise and author of The Promise of a Pencil, and author and journalist Anna Quindlen.

BookGirlTV also produces a series called BookGirlBUZZes, 1-2 minute book reviews that tell you what a book’s about (don’t worry, no spoilers here!) and whether those 5 star Amazon ratings are accurate – think of it as the mobile version of your local bookstore clerk.

BookGirlTV airs Thursdays at 4 p.m. on YouTube and BookGirl.TV and after on Facebook, Twitter, BlipTV, Dailymotion, iTunes, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit, Roku and all connected TVs. The BookGirlBUZZ mobile app for Android and iOS allows people to stay up-to-date and watch BookGirlTV on their favorite mobile device. The email newsletter also keeps people in the know about new episodes of BookGirlTV and offers the chance to win free books, many of them signed.

About the BookGirl: Tessa Smith McGovern, originally from England, published her first short story in 1996 and has continued to publish work while also founding eChook Digital Publishing and hosting and producing BookGirl.TV. McGovern’s linked short story collection, “London Road: Linked Stories,” has earned high praise, including being the Gold Medal Winner in the 2012 eLit Awards. McGovern also teaches at The Writing Institute at Sarah Lawrence College, NY.

You know I’m a fan of Youtube (you HAVE seen my channel, right?) so I love anything connected with books.  Check her out:

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The Upshot: Finding Hidden Treasures

While chatting with relatives this weekend, I discovered an unused pile of books I had gifted my husband. (side eye)

Have you ever discovered a pile of unread books? What did you find?


More Jason Segel Fun: Nightmares!

You might have heard that Jason Segel, of How I Met Your Mother fame has a middle grade book coming out soon. Segel was at BEA14 this but I didn’t get the opportunity to meet him.  Many people stood in looooooong lines to say hello, though.  You might remember I previewed the book last month.

Here’s another fun bit: A viewmaster!


Remember viewmasters when you were a kid? I SO wish I could find my old ones.  Did you have a fave viewmaster story as a little one? Do tell!

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New Segment: the UPSHOT! Inside Pam’s Book Thoughts

Introducing the UPSHOT. A brief video of books that are on my radar.

Stay tuned every Tuesday for the UPSHOT.

Have you read We Were Liars? What about Guardian?  Tell me what you think!