2015 Diversity Reading Challenge Books Children Diversity

The Little Tree by Muon Van

In the shadows of an old forest stood a little tree. She was so small, she was the smallest tree of all.

Opening lines are EVERYTHING to me.

Doesn’t that opening line just KILL?

It sets up the scene, starts the emotions rolling and lets you know you’re in for a great story. I’m almost near tears already!

The Little Tree by Muon Van

As the little tree sends her little seed out into the world, she wonders what will become of it.  One day she finds out. And when she does, OMG will you cry! There are so many different ways to love this book! The author of the book is of Vietnamese descent and discusses the families emigration from Vietnam to Hong Kong and then to the U.S. These feelings are depicted in the illustrations as well. Parents will appreciate the story because that’s exactly how it feels to send a small child out into the world: magical and frightening at the same time. Children will love the story because of the gentle way the tale unfolds, the soft drawings and the feeling of magic and wonder. So much diversity and multiculturalism without saying a word about it. LOVE!

The Little Tree is sure to be a favorite! Add this to your Diversity Reading Challenge.


REVIEW: Year of the Jungle by Suzanne Collins

You’re prolly very familiar with Suzanne Collins.  Long before Hunger Games, she had written Gregor the Overlander, which #1 son had read a young teen.  Now that she’s a household name and young kids are clamoring to read Hunger Games, which in my opinion is not suitable for anyone under 11, there’s finally a book for them!

Year of the Jungle

Year of the Jungle is a fictionalized account of a very young Suzanne Collins whose father goes off to fight in Vietnam.  Naturally, little Suzy doesn’t understand much of what’s going on.  The child’s perspective feels accurate and I’m sure this tale could be applicable to little ones today encountering their own missing parents due to war.

It’s beautiful and sensitive and adorbs! Add this to your get list.

I give it four paws for addressing post traumatic stress disorder in a way a younger one might see it.

Unconventional Librarian 4paws