Diversity Reading Challenge Young Adult

On my TBR List: Sovereign, Nemesis Book Two by April Daniels

Sovereign, Nemesis: Book Two

There are a few things going on in Sovereign that interest me. There’s a female superhero, an LGBTQ sensibility, a trans person, and mental health issues. That’s a lot to cover in one book, for sure, but since Sovereign is book two, and the world has already been built, perhaps these issues won’t be so difficult to tack. I’m looking forward to cracking the spin of this book. If the main character is LGBTQ like I think, then Sovereign qualifies for the Diversity Reading Challenge.

Books Young Adult

Just Girls by Rachel Gold; when LGBT (Q?) Goes to College.


I want to tell you about my new fave book, Just Girls, by Rachel Gold.  The book is about a young girl who goes off to college.  While going to college is difficult enough, it is made even more difficult by Ella’s body. She was born in a boy’s body and now lives as a girl.  She’s transgendered.


Jess Tucker sticks her neck out for a stranger—the buzz is someone in the dorm is a trans girl. So Tucker says it’s her, even though it’s not, to stop the finger pointing. She was an out lesbian in high school, and she figures she can stare down whatever gets thrown her way in college. It can’t be that bad.
Ella Ramsey is making new friends at Freytag University, playing with on-campus gamers and enjoying her first year, but she’s rocked by the sight of a slur painted on someone else’s door. A slur clearly meant for her, if they’d only known.

New rules, old prejudices, personal courage, private fear. In this stunning follow-up to the groundbreaking Being Emily, Rachel Gold explores the brave, changing landscape where young women try to be Just Girls.

Check it out below.


I chatted with number 1 son because I wanted to make sure I was understanding the proper word usage regarding the LGBT community. His insight left me thinking  and I thought you might find interesting also.


What are your thoughts on gender identity?