Watch Me Chat with My Bestie @LeeMWoodruff on #BTLiveChat Weds at 2pm

You know how I like to party.

You also know how I like to party online.

You also know how I like to read.

What’s better than partying online about books?

Nothing, except maybe cupcakes.

There will be no cupcakes but I’m happy to get the chance to chat with my bestie Lee Woodruff Weds at 2pm on Booktrib Live! You may remember a year or so ago I had the pleasure of meeting Lee Woodruff at BEA.

She knocked my socks off.  She was so nice and really sweet.  I felt like she’d be the kind of woman I could have over for a cup of tea.  I even wrote about it when I reviewed her book, Those We Love Most.  You can read my post here.


Join Booktrib Live and enter to win a free copy of her book.  It’s a good summer read and one you might want to share with your best girlfriends over a couple of bottles of wine or glasses of tea.

Holla at your girl, Pammypam, Lee!





#FridayReads, What’s the Haps

You may be thinking, hey PammyPam, it’s Friday, what are you reading?

What’s the haps for the weekend?

And I would say to you:

Aint nothin goin on but the rent.

but that’s not true, cuz here’s what’s happening

in books on my nightstand :

I’m somewhere in the throes of these four books:

Random Magic aka Pamdom Magic

Obsidian Mask

Those we Love Most


I Hardly Ever Wash My Hands

doesnt that look like fun kids?

You might also remember that I’m BFFs with Jill Smokler, aka Scary Mommy.

She has a book out called Confessions of a Scary Mommy.

I read it and it’s SCARY FUNNY (review and giveaway coming SOON).

She came to my house Barnes N Noble yesterday one day in May .

And a bunch of us partied with her.

She even served us DRINKS!


What are your Friday Haps?