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#atozchallenge Bad Girls Book Club: M The Madwoman Upstairs

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The Book

The Madwoman Upstairs by Catherine Lowell

The Madwoman Upstairs by Catherine Lowell

Anytime there’s a chance to include classic literature one should always do it, right? Right. So that’s why when I opened the mail and took out The Madwoman Upstairs I knew I had the right book for the A to Z Challenge! We have our heroine, a long lost Bronte relation named Samantha who discovers that she’s inherited some of the Bronte estate and embarks on a literary scavenger hunt.







Studying at Oxford? Check.
Scavenger hunt? Check.
Handsome Oxford professor who might look like either Benedict Cumberbatch or Idris Elba?
Check check check.
Decoding clues a la Nancy Drew? (ok so Nancy’s not English but maybe Bletchley Circle?)
Checkity Check.

A detective book of sorts for us classical bookish nerds!

Are you as tired as I am? Good. One more day and then we can rest.

See you tomorrow at letter N.

p.s. don’t go upstairs. just in case.