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For the Graduate: They Grow Up So Fast!

It’s graduation season! Many of you are planning, partying, or crying over the fact that your little one is graduating (or will graduate) SOON.  Many of your little ones are graduating from

  • preschool
  • kindergarten
  • elementary school
  • middle school
  • high school
  • college

It’s all very exciting and emotional at the same time.  I, too, have a little one graduating. My first born, the one I made all my mistakes on, has graduated from college! Who knew they let toddlers graduate from college?

It’s true, little ones grow up so fast; but have no fear, I have a book for practically every graduation group.


To be sure, this list is not exhaustive; but just a few that caught my eye;

  • The Very Fairy Princess; Graduation Girl
  • The Berenstain Bears’ Graduation Day
  • I Just Graduated: Now What?
  • 10 1/2 Things No Commencement Speaker Has Ever Said
  • Lean In for Graduates

So no matter the age of your graduate, hug em tight, and tell them you love them!

Here’s one of me and my little graduate:








Wordless Wednesday – The Berenstain Bears

When I heard of Jan Berenstain’s passing, I dug out a couple of their books to share.

“When making friends, the cub who’s wise is the cub who learns to compromise.”

unconventional librarian
The Trouble With Friends


“When the TV is on all day without rest, Mama knows it’s too much~ And Mama knows best.”

unconventional librarian
Too Much TV

Ironic how they’re still appropriate 25 years later!

What is your favorite Berenstain Bears book?