Halloweenie Round-Up

Halloweenie Round-Up

i want to eat your books

If you’re prepping for the Halloweenies that will soon be at your door like I am, I’ve gathered a round up of some of my fave Halloween posts to keep you company.

Halloween for the Littles: Edgar and the Tattle Tale Heart 

Easy Zombie Makeup for Halloween

Book Themed Halloween Party!

#Vlog Mom Halloween Books for the Littles

Preschoolers Want Halloween Books Too!

4 Must Read Picture Books for Halloween

My Bestie Jennifer Weiner and Halloween!

Annabeth Neverending by Leyla Kader Dahm

I Want to Eat Your Books by Karin LeFranc & Tyler Parker

Edgar and The Tree House of Usher by Jennifer Adams

Bookish Tea Party Fun: Miss Spider’s Tea Party

Keep my littles safe out there!


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Books Tea Parties

Tea Parties in Winter @Townebookcenter Fancy Nancy Mermaid Ballet

Fancy Nancy is one of our fave parties to host. Here are some pics from a Fancy Nancy Mermaid Ballet party we hosted recently:


MermaidBallet Collage

Books Tea Parties

Fancy Nancy Aspiring Artist Tea Party

I love all things Fancy Nancy because she and I are Francophiles. Every situation is made better by speaking French, non?

We recently hosted a birthday party for another little Francophile.  Check it out:

Fancy Nancy Aspiring Artist


Books Children

Pretty Minnie in Paris Tea Party

Danielle Steele has a new book out for kids called

Pretty Minnie in Paris

It’s so adorable and we fell in love with it so tough that we decided to host a Pretty Minnie in Paris Tea Party!

Check out the pics.

Pretty Minnie in Paris


It was the perfect event for feathers, feather boas, sassy red dresses and shoes and lots of French!

Tea Parties

Book Themed Halloween Party!

I’ve been very busy hosting parties lately. Just recently we hosted a Witches and Warlocks tea party! Everyone came dressed in costume, even a few parents; kids love it when parents participate in dress up. So do I!

Halloweenparty Collage


We had so much fun at the party. The book I read  (see lower right) is called I Want to be a Witch by Ian Cunliffe.

want to be a witch


We tossed potions into a witches hat, picked creepy bugs and other gross things to put into the tea, and made a delightful owl craft.  Oh and how could I forget pin the nose on the pumpkin?

What a great way to combine Halloween and books!

What is your favorite Halloween book?

Books Tea Parties

Olivia Saves the Circus SPECIAL TEA PARTY

You might know that one of the fun parts of my job at the bookstore is to host book themed tea parties! We recently hosted a grand event; an Olivia Circus party!

OliviaCircus Collage

The tea party was inspired by Olivia Saves the Circus by Ian Falconer.  The party was so much fun! If you look at the collage, you’ll notice we had a contortionist/gymnast, a juggler, a hula hooper, a magician, a tattooed lady (me) and a ring mistress (ring master)! I was even able to incorporate my manners lesson into the tea party, as you can see by the photos of me with my feet on the table and the napkin on my head.  These are big no nos at parties. Kids will tell you.

The circus party was so much fun, we’d love to do it again. Have you ever hosted a circus party? What did you do at yours, tell me!

Books [email protected]

Garden Parties are the Perfect time to discuss #diarrhea #Blogust

I recently had the chance to share my love of books and tea parties with a lovely group of littles in an outdoor garden party!

gardenteaparty Collage


Aren’t these little partygoers adorable??? Many thanks to my friend Darla at HeartWork Organizing for opening her home and sharing her littles and their friends with me. We raised money for [email protected] which I’m proud to say will help protect children by providing necessary vaccines so they can have a shot at life.

Wouldn’t it be FABULOUS if I could travel the world and have tea parties for kids all over the globe?

Give a kid a [email protected] Parties by donating.

Thanks, from the bottom of my teacup!


Books Tea Parties

A Tea Party Featuring Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew

One day we had the privilege of hosting a tea party for a girl who loved Nancy Drew. We took the colors of the book, incorporated tea pots and a scavenger hunt into the party and it was great fun!

NancyDrew Collage.jpg


If you look closely at the photo you’ll see a small round object in the box. That was a tea pot that the partygoers had to make during the craft portion of the party. Leah and I made a video showing how to make this teapot except we added a twist. We decided to race to see who could finish first.

What did you think? I think they both look pretty nice, right? What crafts have  you used from Oriental Trading Company?



Legal stuff:

“This review is based strictly on my opinion. Others may have a different opinion or experience with the product listed above. I was provided the sample free of charge by the company or PR agency and I provided my honest opinion. No other type of compensation was received for this review.”




Tea Parties

Tea Parties + Crafts = FUN!


When Leah and I host our book themed tea parties, all the kids like to make crafts. Let’s be clear on this one question I am asked all the time: BOYS LOVE CRAFTS TOO.

You see the collage above and the two masks? Made by BOYS. Meticulously decorated just like any girl would. In fact, this party goer was dressed as Iron Man. LOVE!

In the second of our How To videos, today we’re showing you how to make a tea pot picture frame. These frames can be used for many different types of parties:

  • Birthday parties
  • Baby showers
  • Bridal showers
  • Mother’s Day tea
  • etc.

When the craft is complete, plop your fave photo inside for an adorable keepsake. Here’s our video on how to get it done.

How cute is that little tea pot?

Thanks to Oriental Trading Co for supplying us with crafts to share with you. What’s your go to craft for parties?

[email protected]

This #Blogust, Give your Little One a Chance to be a Princess or a Pirate



Does your little girl dream of being a Princess? Does your little guy fancy himself a pirate? Do they love to play dress up with their friends for parties?

So do I. In fact, when I’m not reviewing books, I host literature tea parties! We’ve done Fancy Nancy, Olivia, and so many Frozen parties I’ve lost track!  In August aka Blogust, we’re hosting a Fairy Tale party and the proceeds are going to go to [email protected]

Enchated Woodland.jpg.jpg

Why are we doing this? Because some kids don’t get vaccinated and as a result, they get sick and some even die. They never get a chance to dream about being princesses or knights or pirates or IronMan; and that makes me sad.  Why not have a party where everyone can dress up, play make believe and help other kids in the process?

It’s win-win, right?

Here’s the link if you’d like to attend the party or donate a ticket for someone:

Eventbrite - Enchanted Woodland Tea Party benefitting Shot@Life


This #Blogust, give a kid a chance to pretend to be a princess or a pirate. Give a kid a shot at life of being a kid.  For every comment or blog post shared at the [email protected] website, Walgreens will donate 1 vaccine.  1 comment = 1 vaccine.