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What’s in my Ear? Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld

I’ve been listening to Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan lately. Wanna know what I think about it? Watch the video and see.

Sadly this title doesn’t really count for the Diversity Reading Challenge, although I wish it did. But if you wanna bend the rules, go ahead. Girl dressing as a boy, you know, it’s a stretch but if you must, I understand. Did I mention how much I LOVE

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What’s In My Ear: #FridayReads

FridayReads Leviathan


There’s so much to love about this version of Leviathan that I don’t know where to begin! Let’s just say the irony of listening to thisĀ audiobook (love AUDIBLE.COM!) is not lost on me. Westerfeld is an American, although his English colloquialisms seem spot on, the narrator is Alan Cumming (YAY!) who is Scottish, invigorating the characters with English, Scottish, German, and Austrian accents. Utterly BRILLIANT.

Alan can read the dictionary for all I care. I’m TEMPTED to download all of his audiobooks; would that be creepy? Do I care?