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Have you seen my #scarfie during #scarvember from Uncommon Goods?

What’s better than a warm scarf on a chilly November day?

A literary scarf with the words from Alice in Wonderland, that’s what! Check out my #scarfie (which is a selfie with a scarf) that I took during a recent #scarfvember post.

uncommon goods scarf


Isn’t that scarf adorbs?? The very literary and smart folks from Uncommon Goods thought that I might could ROCK this scarf. What do you think of it? The day after it came, I rocked it at the bookstore. All the ladies I work with were so JELLY!!! They wanted to hold it and touch it and read it and HAVE it!

And besides, who doesn’t love Alice in Wonderland? I mean, I’m practically the Mad Hatter, right? (I DO the tea parties, remember?)

Here’s another tidblit I learned about Uncommon Goods: they perform a lot of goodwill, which makes me happy. You know how much I love books, so I was over the moon when I learned that they support “Reach Out and Read’s thousands of doctors and nurses promote early literacy, language skills, and school readiness to young children and their families in all 50 states.” You know how I love to get books in the hands of kids, right?

As you lay in bed in the middle of the night pinning items to your Christmas pinboard, why not pin a few items from these links here (I’m eyeing the unicorn coffee mug), here (did you notice the upcycled cashmere scarf?, and here (library card socks!!).

You’re welcome. All your holiday shopping is done.

Get your Wuthering Heights scarf. All the Goth kids love it. ahahhahaa

Get it? Goth. Wuthering Heights?

Pin now, buy soon.





Checking in for #Scarfvember; How’s your scarf work?

It’s your midweek #scarfvember check up!



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Scarfvember is Coming! #30dayscarfchallenge

Scarfvember is Coming!

Don’t let October and December have all the fun

Let’s celebrate Scarfvember, which is like November,

But with SCARVES!

scarfchallengeWanna play? Here’s what you do:

  • Wear a scarf every day in November
  • Snap that pic
  • Hashtag it #30dayscarfchallenge
  • Instagram it (tag me @Pamlovesbook)
  • Link it up (optional)
  • Must wear a scarf every single day to qualify (super secret book prize)
  • Show us your scarf style and how you ROCK A SCARF!

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