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Add this to your Summer Reading list – Families on Foot : Urban Hikes to Backyard Treks and National Park Adventures

Families on Foot : Urban Hikes to Backyard Treks
and National Park Adventures

Thinking about hiking this summer? Here’s a book that’ll help out. From what to pack, to what to cook,
it’s all inside.

Down and Dirty Tips and Tricks for Families on the Trail Published in partnership with the American Hiking Society, Families on Foot offers practical advice and engaging activities to make hiking even more fun for families. You’ll find clever ideas and inspiration that apply to kids of all ages–from tackling diaper blowouts in the backcountry to using smartphone apps and GPS to engage teenagers with nature. Information for children with special needs and seniors also is included. Author Jennifer Pharr Davis, the former record holder of the fastest thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail, together with her husband Brew Davis, marries old-fashioned know-how on safety, preparation, and trail conservation with modern day activities and technology, inspirational and interactive games, and down-and-dirty fun on the trail. Information includes smart tactics for families with kids of a variety ages on the trail–from tackling diaper blowouts in the backcountry to getting teenagers engaged in nature with smartphone apps and GPS–and is inclusive of special needs children and senior adults.

Mad props to the book for including pregnant women and folks with special needs in the book. Hiking is for everyone!

Blogging from A to Z Challenge Books

#AtoZChallenge: O-Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathman

unconventional librarianHere we are a little more than half way thru the alphabet!

Today is the letter


which stands for

Oh my goodness have I got a book for you!

unconventional librarian

Officer Buckle and Gloria!

Officer Buckle believes that safety is important.

He speaks regularly to children at schools but feels like his speeches are lacking something

Then he acquires Gloria, the dog and he becomes a sensation!

Little does Officer Buckle know that Gloria is performing tricks behind his back.

Like I always say, never work with kids and animals, right?

I can think of another sensational animal with a name starting with

O.  Can you?