Celebrate Easter with National Geographic Kids

I love NatGeoKids! They have everything a kid (even a big one like me) loves! Around this time of year, many people all over the world are preparing to celebrate Easter.

Celebrate Easter with National Geographic Kids

Nat Geo Kids shows readers, in gorgeous full-color photos how other people celebrate Easter. While reading the book, young readers will discover that in New Orleans people celebrate Mardi Gras, and in England there are pancake races, in Cuba there are carnivals with stilt walkers!

The book contains photos of people attending church in Peru and Russia. In Germany, there is an Easter Eve bonfire, and all across America there are Easter egg hunts. Celebrate Easter is a good addition to your library not only because of the photos, there are recipes (yummy food), songs, and maps in the back.

I remember when I was a kid I had to get dressed up in a new dress and go to church. The book even explains that old tradition. What traditions do you have for Easter?


Are You Getting Ready for Sochi?

If you’re like me when the Olympics are on, you’re all like WHOOOOOPIE!!! I’ve said it during the Summer Olympics and I’ll say it now, I will watch ANY and ALL televised Olympic events!

Despite the fact that Sochi is having some real problems getting ready for the games, I’m sure in the interest of unity everyone will get their acts together and we’ll all have a good time.  This is a great time to talk to kids about how we are all different but yet we’re the same.

Here are a few pictures from the Olympic webpage that caught my eye:


Look how cute these mascots are!?!  I found a website for the kiddos to learn about the mascots.  Click this link and check it out.

Another photo I found reminded me of Katniss from Hunger Games. You know I had to get a book reference in somehow, right?


Look, it’s the Girl on Fire!!

I’ve got a pinboard full of Olympic games and activities. I’m always looking to add more items to it so let me know if you have a board too and we can share in the excitement!

By the way, what’s your favorite Olympic event aside from the opening ceremonies? Mine is Figure skating.