Bookish Traveler Travels to Marriott’s Aruba Surf Club

You might have figured out by now that I love to travel.  Seeing the world is so much fun and it always provides plenty of time for reading. Whether riding on the train or sitting on a plane (hey that rhymed!) I’m never far away from at least one book when I travel.

Marriott Villa View

I just recently traveled to Aruba and stayed at the Marriott Surf Club.  I love Aruba and I love Marriott. We’ve been to Aruba five times and I’ve loved every single minute of it.

Why five times you ask?

Here is the view from the villa balcony.  I’m having my coffee and looking at this stunning view for breakfast. What more could a bookish traveler like me want? If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you’ll know that I was reading a middle grade book called Remarkable which was about pirates. So, while looking at the pirate ship, I was reading about pirates. The irony was not lost on me.

But GAH! Look at that view!

When I wasn’t on the balcony enjoying the sunrise, I was at the Serenity Pool which is just for grown ups.  Why they let me in is a surprise, but since I can’t swim (shut up) I don’t go to the other pools so much. I have a scared that some little kid will knock me in and then I’ll be a drowned Pammy Pam. No fun for me.

Anyway, I’m down at the Serenity Pool, which should really be called the outdoor library, because SO many people were reading books.

Like Me.

Serenity Pool.jpg


I left my sun hat upstairs so I had to improvise.

After I spend several hours under an umbrella reading, it’s usually time for lunch.  This is the fun part. The mister and I go back to our room (or villa as Marriott calls them) and I prepare lunch in the kitchen!

photo courtesy Marriott

How cool is that? What you do is the day you arrive you go to the grocery store, which is geared toward Americans and you stock up on snacks and food. Then you cook your food in the fully equipped kitchen; how awesome is that? You know what’s even awesomer? The money that we saved fixing yummy sammies and salad, can be spent on a extra delicious Foodie dinner!

I’m not a foodie but I do like nice food. Wait, does that make me a foodie?

Anyway, mad props to the Marriott peeps because I love their consistency in quality: I try to stay in a Marriott whenever I travel. Plus, the Marriott Aruba social media team is on the ball and responsive! Check out Marriott’s website to see when you can get down to Aruba.

Stay tuned and in the coming days I’ll share more of my Aruba trip with you. Have you ever been? What do you love about it the best?


Remarkable by Lizzie K Foley and Pirates!



If you’ve been around here a minute you know that I love me some pirates. LOVE! Any book with, for, or about pirates and I’m ALL over it! If you look at the pic above and look to the left of the book, you’ll see two tiny pirate ships. That’s cuz I’m in Aruba and apparently pirates love the Caribbean.

As much as I love pirates, you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that the book I’m reading for my tween book club contained lots of pirates and pirate talk! Here’s a blurb about it:

In the mountain town of Remarkable, everyone is extraordinarily talented, extraordinarily gifted, or just plain extraordinary. Everyone, that is, except Jane Doe, the most average ten-year-old who ever lived. But everything changes when the mischievous, downright criminal Grimlet twins enroll in Jane’s school and a strange pirate captain appears in town.

Thus begins a series of adventures that put some of Remarkable’s most infamous inhabitants and their long-held secrets in danger. It’s up to Jane, in her own modest style, to come to the rescue and prove that she is capable of some rather exceptional things.

Yeah that. This book is a sleeper, y’all! One of my tweenies suggested it, I don’t know where she heard about it (prolly her school librarian, so YAY!) but I’m so glad she suggested it to us. Remarkable is so fun and the names of the characters are a hoot too.

And pirates!

I can’t wait to hear what my tweens think of it in book club. I’ll report back…