MLP’s Main Line Private & Independent School Expo

I support an organization that is near and dear to my heart: Main Line Parent Magazine.  MLP provides resources for parents from exercise classes to art to educational information.  I’ve worked with this group many times (I was even a MODEL) and support everything they do.

This weekend MLP is hosting a private and independent school expo.  If you’re in the market for a new school, you should attend this event.  It will be well organized and great fun, I’m sure.  Want more information? Of course you do! Please keep reading!

On Sunday, October 21, 2012 from 1:00 to 4:00PM, Main Line Parent will host the Main Line Private & Independent School Expo at Radnor Valley Country Club (555 Sproul Road, Villanova PA). This event, which is designed specifically for families who value education and high quality service providers, will showcase a variety of programs — special needs, gifted, traditional, Montessori, Waldorf, art/science/music-focused enrichment for children and boarding school as well — to educate parents about how to find the right programs for their children.

While the Main Line Private and Independent School Expo is the first of its kind, it was planned on the heels of a very successful Main Line Early Childhood Education Fair, which Main Line Parent hosted this spring in Wayne. Whether you’re looking to get your foot in the door early or actively searching for the right education options now, this event is essential for families of the Main Line and Philadelphia’s western suburbs with children entering preschool through grade 12. The Expo will help parents find the right program for their children by allowing them to explore different types of schools, educational philosophies and special programs. Attendees will leave the Expo more aware of private and independent schools (and open house opportunities), the admissions process, financial planning, scholarship information, tax credits and more.

Families should register for the Expo as a unit, specifying how many members plan to attend (the event as a whole and the specific seminars, listed under “ticket information”). And, though the event is free, a $5 donation or a children’s book donation for Reach Out and Read will be requested at the door.

You never know where the Unconventional Librarian will turn up, so be sure to attend this event!

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Enter the New Librarian: As a Mainline Parent Model

When you think of a librarian, what comes to mind?

An aging, pointy nosed, woman in dowdy clothes, hair in a bun with glasses, walking around the librarian shushing everyone?

Was this the librarian of your nightmares?

Or, do you imagine a geeky, mousy type

Like Marion the Librarian?

What about a sexy leather-clad high heeled boot wearing woman

like Batgirl or Catwoman played by so many

like Halle Berry

Regardless of your idea of a librarian, I”m here to tell you that librarians are people too!

Librarians are mommies, wives, sisters, cousins, teachers, grocery shoppers, vacation goers, laptop users, etc. and now finally we can add


to the growing list of things librarians can be.

Your favorite Unconventional Librarian,

will be modeling,

yes you read that correctly,

modeling in the Main Line Parent event

Mom’s Night Out for Mother’s Day, May 9 2012

It’s an evening of food, drinks, modeling, auctions, etc!

It’s bound to be a lot of fun

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