Tales from Lovecraft Middle School: Teacher’s Pest

Just when you think Charles Gillman and Quirk Press can’t get any grosser, or is it more gross? Either way, just when you think you’ve had it with the disgusting factor, in crawls Teacher’s Pest!

Teachers Pest

To be sure, I’ve said in the past that I wouldn’t mind being the librarian at Lovecraft Middle School, but after reading this THIRD book, and now that the librarian position has become mysteriously available? I retract my offer to work there.  I’m super creeped out by snakes and crawly things but this last book made my skin crawl!  The school was infested with insects of all kinds thanks to you know who ^^ up there (Howard Mergler, student council president).

If you love being creeped out and creepy crawly underground damp tunnels turn you on, then you might like to attend this school!  If not, just read the book and capture some of the creepy crawly fun!

Did I mention how I love that the protagonist appears to be of mixed ethnicity and that his ghost friend has a Latino sounding name?  We’re getting there people!

Unconventional Librarian 4paws


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Quirk Press and Tales from Lovecraft Middle School

If you’ve been around here a minute, you know I love me some Quirk press.   And yes, it’s true, I’ve reviewed other Quirk books: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.  Click the link to see my review.

So, what, you ask?

Here’s what:

Two more fabulous titles have come out about life at Lovecraft Middle School:

  • Professor Gargoyle: Tales From Lovecraft Middle School #1 by Charles Gilman, and
  • The Slither Sisters: Tales From Lovecraft Middle School #2 by Charles Gilman

I have a feeling they are on to something down at Quirk press. I have a small hint for them for one of their upcoming titles. See if you can guess from the photo below.

Tales from Lovecraft Middle SchoolWhat’s not to love about a publishing house that has the word quirk in it? That’s practically begging to be loved by someone quirky like me, non?

Whaddaya think? Every school has a librarian.  Or maybe even TWO.

Either way, my middle school was never this interesting or SCARY.

Here’s also what: check out the book covers.  The first set of covers are kinda normal.  The second set, kinda creepy. TOTALLY the same books though! Through some fancy schmancy technomagic the covers change all on their own.

How cool is that?


Pick yours up today.  All the cool kids are fighting giant spiders, shouldn’t YOU be?

You’ll love it as much as I do!