The ToothLess Tooth Fairy by Shanelle Hicks


The Toothless Tooth Fairy


These days its not as difficult to find books with multicultural characters.  To be sure, diversity in children’s literature still has a way to go but it’s much better than it used to be.  Take for example, The Toothless Tooth Fairy by Shanell Hicks.  Because many little girls dream of being princesses and fairies being beautiful, how appropriate is it to have all of those things on one book geared toward them?

Very appropriate.

That’s what makes this title appealing.  And let’s add another bonus: in an age of Bad Girls and Mean Girls and a fascination with being pretty and mean (hello Disney Channel?) depicting a protagonist who is pretty AND nice, is refreshing.

Bella had it all. The hair, the dress, and the smile. One day, her most important asset was missing…her tooth! Will Bella find the perfect tooth in time for the contest? Will Zelda, the meanest of the fairies, destroy Bella’s chances of winning the crown? Take a journey onto Cloud Nine as Bella searches for a new tooth only to discover the tooth…I mean truth…behind her true beauty.

You might remember a post I did recently about morality tales. Because kids’ brains are hardwired for concrete examples, morality tales are an excellent way to teach our littlest readers very basic lessons. Here’s another lesson that must be instilled early: beauty is not just what’s on the outside.  Someone very close to me used to say “God don’t like ugly” which I shared with my own littles.  A person can be ugly on the inside and/or outside, as exemplified by Zelda. What kind of name is Zelda anyway? A GREAT ONE!

But I digress. Get this book for your little ones of all colors. They will delight in learning that “beauty is only skin deep” and that being part of the bad girls club is not where it’s at.

And I’m kinda digging the whole love triumphs over evil deal, too. Put on your fairy wings and read this together.

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Garden Party, Princesses, and Vaccines #Blogust

Princess Garden Tea Party


benefitting [email protected]

I’m thrilled to host a group of little princesses at a private garden party today!

We will drink tea, practice good manners, and read stories.

We will also discuss how vaccines keep little princesses healthy.

Proceeds will benefit [email protected]

Stay tuned for post party pics!

[email protected]: Because every child deserves a shot at reading a book

Capitol Pamshotatreading

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This #Blogust, Give your Little One a Chance to be a Princess or a Pirate



Does your little girl dream of being a Princess? Does your little guy fancy himself a pirate? Do they love to play dress up with their friends for parties?

So do I. In fact, when I’m not reviewing books, I host literature tea parties! We’ve done Fancy Nancy, Olivia, and so many Frozen parties I’ve lost track!  In August aka Blogust, we’re hosting a Fairy Tale party and the proceeds are going to go to [email protected]

Enchated Woodland.jpg.jpg

Why are we doing this? Because some kids don’t get vaccinated and as a result, they get sick and some even die. They never get a chance to dream about being princesses or knights or pirates or IronMan; and that makes me sad.  Why not have a party where everyone can dress up, play make believe and help other kids in the process?

It’s win-win, right?

Here’s the link if you’d like to attend the party or donate a ticket for someone:

Eventbrite - Enchanted Woodland Tea Party benefitting Shot@Life


This #Blogust, give a kid a chance to pretend to be a princess or a pirate. Give a kid a shot at life of being a kid.  For every comment or blog post shared at the [email protected] website, Walgreens will donate 1 vaccine.  1 comment = 1 vaccine.

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Tickets Now Available for An Enchanted Woodland Tea Party


My Thoughts on the Frozen Craze. I don’t get it!?!




It’s all the rage right now. You have to live under a rock to not have heard of it! My youngest is a teenager now so I’m kinda out of the loop with these kinds of things. Many of my friends, however, are crazy for it! Since I remember those days fondly of singing theme songs with my own little ones, I felt I needed to investigate and discover what all the fuss was about. As a side note, we have requests to host Frozen tea parties at the bookstore where I work.  Here’s a pic of one from a little while back.


Isn’t it pretty?  So, I just HAD to know what all the fuss was about! After reading one of the books, here’s what I discovered:

  • Two sisters, who are PRINCESSES are orphaned
  • One of them has magic powers and hurts the other one
  • There is a snowman named Olaf
  • One becomes Queen but is unhappy
  • The other one falls in love but the guy is a jerk
  • The next guy she falls in love with tries to kill her sister with the magic powers
  • She steps in, saves her sister’s life and they all live happily ever after

Ok so I may have abbreviated just a bit. I was reading a Little Golden Book version which may have oversimplified the story. But here’s the question, do young girls need a love story?

I’m thinking back to every single fairy tale I’ve ever read and loved. The key to each story was find your Prince  Charming and your life will be instantly better.  And now that I have a teenaged girl (GAH!) I wonder if that’s the message I want planted in her brain.

I’m all for dressing up and feeling special and having a good time.  I’m just not sure that the message of finding your one true love still holds true in today’s society?

To be sure, Idina Menzel does rock as a singer.  I have yet to hear the song all the way through, but what I’ve heard is good.

What are your thoughts on Frozen? Am I off the mark? Overthinking? Too feminist thinking? A scrooge?  Tell me!

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Feature Friday Clubhouse Forest’s Heir

Today’s Feature Friday Clubhouse guest is Ley Hayley

Feature Friday clubhouse


Seventeen year old Rosalind Rowan was born a princess, the apple of her father’s eye. She loves the thick forests and lush meadows of the Forested Land. She is sometimes selfish and reckless, but she is also kind and loves fearlessly. Rosalind—who is known to everyone but the Queen as Rose—is desperately in love with Gavin Ashford, the dashing and intriguing son of an important lord. She wants nothing more than to marry Gavin and live in a country manor, far away from court. Because once her older sister marries, Rosalind must take up the position of Regent of the Forested Land.

Forest's HeirRosalind discovers—in front of the King and his entire court—that she’s capable of powerful earth magic that only the rightful heir can do. Terrified and confused, Rosalind watches her relationship with her sister fall apart as whispers of what happened find their way out of the castle. As the time for her sister’s wedding draws closer, rumors of rebellion seep through the kingdom like a mist. When her older sister dies suddenly in her sleep, Rosalind is forced to take on a crown she never wanted. She sees her dreams of a quiet country life fall apart, but her love for Gavin never wavers.

Andrew Rivers, King of the nearby River Realm and the betrothed of Rosalind’s dead sister, comes to pay his respects to the dead princess. From the first time she sees him, Rosalind is strangely drawn to his charm and kindness. He quickly becomes a close friend to her, although his gaze hinted at more than friendship. Rosalind learns that her engagement to Gavin Ashford has been broken, and that she’s to marry Andrew Rivers instead. Heartbroken by the news and the feeling that Gavin has given up on her, Rosalind throws herself into learning how to run a kingdom. Her only support is Andrew Rivers, who shows her friendship and companionship as her world turns upside down. It’s against her will that she begins to love him.

When rumors turn into reality, Rosalind finds herself in the middle of a kingdom torn apart. In fear for her life, she must find someone to help her take back what is hers. In the end it all comes down to a single question: When the world falls apart, where do you find your strength?

Forest’s Heir is available on Amazon.