Happy Passover! A book for the littles

If you celebrate Passover you might want to share this cute title with your littles.  This is the Matzah by Abby Levine

Unconvetional Librarian Matzah

I’m not going to try to explain the Passover tradition because other people have done it beautifully. Look at this website I found called Benjamen Kanarek Blog. It’s artistic illustrations are beeeeeyoooootiful!

Meanwhile, I’m perfecting David Leibovitz’s Matzoh Toffee dessert.

Toffee Matzah


It’s so good it tastes like crack. Like I know from crack, huh? Anyway, this yummy delicious treat sends me over the edge in delightful eating!

I’ll be sitting with my husband’s family sharing their history and traditions (and hopefully avoiding the gefilte). If you celebrate what’s your favorite food?


Blogging from A to Z Challenge Books

#AtoZChallenge: T-Tuck Everlasting

A to Z challenge button

I can hardly believe we’re on the letter T!

The letter T is tricky because there are lots of words that start with it;

“The” notwithstanding, I want to focus on a word that cannot be so easily dropped


T is for

Tuck Everlasting!

unconventional librarian

I know, I know, the book is the mass media movie tie in

but don’t let that put you off the book.

This is a sweet story that discusses life and death so very sweetly!

To be sure, the movie is not as good, although the cast is phenomenal.

Where would this world be without Natalie Babbitt?


as a bonus, I want to share with you

This is the Matzah by Abby Levine

Unconvetional Librarian Matzah

If you need a tale for the kiddos about Passover, this is a good one.

Don’t forget to buy a box of Matzos, hide it, and then let your littles find it.

The finder gets a prize!

Here’s what I did with my matzah:

look yummy?

click here for my recipe.

Wow what letter is next?


uh oh…what do I have planned?