Books Tea Parties

Olivia Saves the Circus SPECIAL TEA PARTY

You might know that one of the fun parts of my job at the bookstore is to host book themed tea parties! We recently hosted a grand event; an Olivia Circus party!

OliviaCircus Collage

The tea party was inspired by Olivia Saves the Circus by Ian Falconer.  The party was so much fun! If you look at the collage, you’ll notice we had a contortionist/gymnast, a juggler, a hula hooper, a magician, a tattooed lady (me) and a ring mistress (ring master)! I was even able to incorporate my manners lesson into the tea party, as you can see by the photos of me with my feet on the table and the napkin on my head.  These are big no nos at parties. Kids will tell you.

The circus party was so much fun, we’d love to do it again. Have you ever hosted a circus party? What did you do at yours, tell me!

Books Tea Parties

Bookish Tea Party Fun: It’s Olivia!

Olivia is another fun party we’ve enjoyed hosting. I love Olivia because she’s a pig who doesn’t care what the normal conventions are, she wants to do things HER way! Here’s a party plan for a group of young people who also like to do things their way.



Here’s the table setting; matches the color of Olivia’s outfit.


Olivia cookies


And some cute Olivia cookies that complement the patterns from the book.

Olivia table setting


And here’s another view of the table set for the Olivia party goers.  I love how cute the red and white polka dots are, they can be re used again and again, don’t you think?

Books Conferences

#BEA and New York City Here I Come!

I’m so happy to announce that I’m attending BEA this year! What’s BEA you ask?  BEA, or Book Expo America, is the biggest, most ginormously fun book conference on the planet!


BEA is THE conference to attend in the book industry; everyone and anyone who likes books is there.  So you’ll have book bloggers, book sellers, librarians, authors, book publishers, book illustrators, coffee (goes with books), reporters, and more from all over the world to discuss books.  I went last year and had the time of my life.  As you’ll see from the collage below, there isn’t anything I didn’t do, except sleep much!


I’d like to thank Thien-Kim of I’m Not the Nanny and Rachee of Say it Rah Shay for tolerating me last year.  Kim and Rachee and I are in the From Left To Write, an online book club so we knew each other going into the trip. Rachee and I are in the Philly area and I stalk see her as much as I can.   Fun fact #1: Rachee is a real live librarian who works in a library!  Fun fact #2: I’m a certified librarian, but I work in a bookstore!

So anyway, you can see from the collage that the three of us met everyone, took every book, and met every challenge that was presented to us!

I expect this year to be no different: I’ve got a full agenda lined up and I hope to meet some new book blogging friends, learn about some new books, and maybe make some new connections.

My dance card is filling up so if you want to get next to me while I’m in New York, leave a message down below, I love making new friends!

Blogging from A to Z Challenge Books

#AtoZChallenge: O-Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathman

unconventional librarianHere we are a little more than half way thru the alphabet!

Today is the letter


which stands for

Oh my goodness have I got a book for you!

unconventional librarian

Officer Buckle and Gloria!

Officer Buckle believes that safety is important.

He speaks regularly to children at schools but feels like his speeches are lacking something

Then he acquires Gloria, the dog and he becomes a sensation!

Little does Officer Buckle know that Gloria is performing tricks behind his back.

Like I always say, never work with kids and animals, right?

I can think of another sensational animal with a name starting with

O.  Can you?