Ninjago. Because I secretly Want to be a Ninja.

Ok so maybe it’s no secret that I want to be a ninja. I mean, who doesn’t want to sneak up on the bad guys and exterminate them?


NINJAGO: Comet Crisis

If your kiddos are all things LEGO here’s a graphic novel just for them from my pals at Papercutz!

Set between episodes of the TV series, it tells the untold story of what happened to the team after they were stranded on a comet by Cryptor. Let’s just say that not everything was what it seemed!

I love getting the backstory, don’t you? It feels like part of the IN crowd!

What’s your fave LEGO character?

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LEGO: Ninjago

The world of Ninjago is a dangerous place, as anyone who has seen the show, read the books, or battled with the super-cool LEGO toys already knows. But can you imagine what it must have been like before Sensei Wu assembled his team of Spinjitzu warriors, Jay, Cole, Zane, and Kai?
In “Stone Cold,” the latest chapter of the New York Times best-selling graphic novel series from Papercutz, Sensei Wu tells his young charges about a dark time long ago when he had to fight the forces of badness all by himself after an ancient prison was destroyed by mysterious forces. It’s a battle royale for the ages as Ninjago’s greatest warrior takes on each of the world’s worst menaces one-by-one in a timeless, action-packed tale of teamwork and friendship.
Thanks to my bestie Jesse from Papercutz, I am kept fully aware of the latest graphic novels, and this one is no exception.  Who doesn’t love Ninjas?Take a peek:
Ninjago 7_Page_1
Ninjago 7_Page_2
Ninjago 7_Page_3
Ninjago 7_Page_4
Ninjago 7_Page_5
Oh NO!!! What will happen next??? (cue ominous music)
Does your kid love Legos? Who doesn’t right?