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You know that moment when you realize a book is going to be AS good as you thought it was going to be? And then you get knee deep into it and it’s BETTER?? Like out of the galaxy better?

Yeah this.  Hollow City you break my heart. To be sure, I loved Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Convinced myself even, that because my letter from Hogwarts didn’t arrive, that perhaps I might be destined to be peculiar.

Enter Hollow City.  And now I know I’m peculiar because I can’t love a book anymore than I love Hollow City.  I’m back with all of my peculiar siblings and we can now be proud of the peculiar things we do and we revel in how well these peculiar things help us get through the world! Bees?!! Floating little girls!?!

It’s great reading friends. So GREAT that I took my time reading.  My review was scheduled for a different day, but I couldn’t let go of my friends.  I didn’t want to read too much or too far, or too fast lest the book be over too soon.  But alas, and alack, the book came to an end.  My heart is broken for so many reasons, least of all because I must wait to discover what happens next to my friends.

BTW did you see the fun spin off Valentine’s Day cards I made from the ones that Quirk books made?  Check them out:



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Hollow City Valentines with an Unconventional Twist

Need a Valentine’s Day card for the love of your life? Wanna scare the pants off of someone?  Wanna chuckle? No matter your reason, you NEED to check out the Hollow City Valentines made by my besties at Quirk Books.  Hollow City is the much anticipated follow up to Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.  I am in the middle of Hollow City right now and believe me, it does not DISAPPOINT!

So, go over to Quirk Books, grab your copy of Hollow City, then check out their Valentines.

But wait. Before you go, wanna see the ones I’m sending?


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The Bird is Back! Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

The Bird is Back!  I’ve had a love affair with Quirk Books, ever since 2011 when they introduced me to Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children in hardcover.  I’d never read anything creepy before and I was hooked.  It was love at first peek. with my hands over my eyes.  screaming.  But love, nonetheless.

I’ve kept Quirk on my radar and gladly read anything they publish.  Anything! So you can imagine how excited I was to hear that Miss Peregrine aka The Bird, is back in paperback!

Miss Peregrine

Even more exciting? The sequel comes out next year, woot!

Have you read Miss Peregrine? Tell me about how you LOVED the photos!!


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Quirk Press and Tales from Lovecraft Middle School

If you’ve been around here a minute, you know I love me some Quirk press.   And yes, it’s true, I’ve reviewed other Quirk books: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.  Click the link to see my review.

So, what, you ask?

Here’s what:

Two more fabulous titles have come out about life at Lovecraft Middle School:

  • Professor Gargoyle: Tales From Lovecraft Middle School #1 by Charles Gilman, and
  • The Slither Sisters: Tales From Lovecraft Middle School #2 by Charles Gilman

I have a feeling they are on to something down at Quirk press. I have a small hint for them for one of their upcoming titles. See if you can guess from the photo below.

Tales from Lovecraft Middle SchoolWhat’s not to love about a publishing house that has the word quirk in it? That’s practically begging to be loved by someone quirky like me, non?

Whaddaya think? Every school has a librarian.  Or maybe even TWO.

Either way, my middle school was never this interesting or SCARY.

Here’s also what: check out the book covers.  The first set of covers are kinda normal.  The second set, kinda creepy. TOTALLY the same books though! Through some fancy schmancy technomagic the covers change all on their own.

How cool is that?


Pick yours up today.  All the cool kids are fighting giant spiders, shouldn’t YOU be?

You’ll love it as much as I do!