What’s In My Ear? #FridayListens

What’s In My Ear?


What have I been listening to lately?

American Gods by Neil Gaiman

American Gods

What are you listening to?

Books Children

Monday Reads: The Giver by Lois Lowry

Monday Reads: The Giver by Lois Lowry

The Giver

Sure sure, you might have heard that I was recently just listening to The Giver and I WAS.

But now I’m not because I’m done. And it was GREAT!

It’s no wonder this book is always on someone’s required reading shelf. it was dystopian for kids back before dystopian was an every day word! I love this story; it’s so good on so many levels and the lessons can be adapted depending on the child’s age group. Why is it that we like to read about societies in which everything is the same? Is that how we as readers feel? Do we feel trapped in a world of bland, boring sameness? Or is this our greatest fear? I’m not sure what the answer is, I just know I love exploring these worlds. Maybe the answer is that if enough kids read these kinds of books they will create a world where differences are celebrated and valuable to society?

I dunno.

I might not have the answers to those questions but I DO know this: any time Ron Rifkin is reading an audiobook, I will be there.  He was GOOD. Right up there with that guy who narrated all of the Harry Potter books.

And you’ve heard me complain before, a narrator can make or break an audiobook!

Happy Monday! What are you reading?


Books Children

Music Audio Stories are DELIGHTFUL

You know how much I love to read stories to the little ones, right? Well I love listening to storytellers almost as much! There’s nothing like getting inside your own head using the voice of the reader as the narrator in your story. That’s what makes a great audio book great: a good speaking voice. Some audio books I’ve listened to would have been so much more enjoyable had the reader been a different person.

So you can imagine how delighted I was to meet the great people at Busy Bees Publishing who have published music audio stories. Music audio stories are exactly what they sound like: stories set to music and read by wonderfully talented actors!

Music Audio Stories


I can’t stop listening to these stories; the actors’ voices carry the story forward along with the engaging music; I LOVE them! These are stories that you can download on your device and your kids can listen to them again and again and again.

And again. Cuz that’s how kids roll, right?



Not only is the music great, they have English accents and now I WANT AN ENGLISH ACCENT!! (whining in my best Veruca Salt voice)

Here’s where you can get in on the fun.





Now I’m OFF to go practice speaking my best English accent. Don’t be too surprised if I start making all my videos in that voice, right?