More Jason Segel Fun: Nightmares!

You might have heard that Jason Segel, of How I Met Your Mother fame has a middle grade book coming out soon. Segel was at BEA14 this but I didn’t get the opportunity to meet him.  Many people stood in looooooong lines to say hello, though.  You might remember I previewed the book last month.

Here’s another fun bit: A viewmaster!


Remember viewmasters when you were a kid? I SO wish I could find my old ones.  Did you have a fave viewmaster story as a little one? Do tell!


How I Met Your Mother Star Writes Book! Jason Segel, Who Knew?

Yes folks you heard it here FIRST! I am tickled pink to have a sneaky peaky of the talented Jason Segel’s newest venture.  It’s a middle grade book called NIGHTMARES!


You’ll hafta wait until September to get your paws on this book but I think it’s going to be a keeper! It’s about Charlie, who can’t sleep because when he does, he has horrible nightmares. Not to mention his Dad is married to a witch (I dunno why whenever I hear the word witch the scene from Monty Python’s movie always comes to mind). It sounds so fun, and kind of reminds me of a cross between the scene To Kill A Mockingbird where noone want to pass Boo Radley’s house and Monster House.


So. Jason Segel, you’re on my radar; be afraid, be very afraid.