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Random Magic Pinterest Tour starts July 15!

You may have heard that the book Random Magic, by Sasha Soren, is touring all over the place.

If you heard that, you’d be right.

Sasha has SMARTLY GRACIOUSLY included me in on the proceedings,

mostly, to stop listening to me cry and whine.

But either way, I’m at the PARTY!

As you know, An Unconventional Librarian loves books about fun things.

Random Magic is proving to be so. much. fun!

What’s so fun about this tour is that

I get to host the pinning on PINTEREST!

What? you don’t follow me on Pinterest?

Get over there right now and do it: iyampam

or simply click the link for the Random Magicness.

Go ahead, I’ll wait.


You’re all hooked up to the Random Magicness

the Random Magicity

the Random Magicality

the Random Magiceuse if you’re French, prolly.

see? I’m on the cover of the book

and I’m over at Pinterest pinning things that

remind us of the Random Magic book (themes, spaces, characters, etc).

It’s kind of online book club meets Pinterest.

Come check it out and follow along.

The rave party runs July 15 through Sept 15,

so there’s lots of time join the festivities!

This first week, let’s visit Chapters 1-5 and pin items that are reminiscent of those chapters.

Let’s go!


Mozart, The Marriage of Figaro, & Twitter

I love classical music.  I have been listening to classical music since I was a child.  I dabbled in music growing up but didn’t have the determination to practice like I needed to.  Nevertheless, I always listened.  To be sure, I had my favorite pieces and composers.  And believe it or not, some of my favorites included opera.  Yep, you heard me right, opera.

Why opera? Because opera is funny.  Opera is expressive. There are fights, romances, deception, parties, costumes, and MUSIC. If you like classical music, it’s easy to transition to opera because many of the great composers also wrote operas.

One of my favorite composers is this guy here:


You’ve heard his music; it’s everywhere.  You’ve probably seen the movie Amadeus.

Mozart wrote one of my favorite operas, The Marriage of Figaro. Center City Opera Theater in Philadelphia blogged about it. You’ll probably recognize the music.

Did you read the piece?  I bet you didn’t realize how popular Mozart’s music actually is, didja?

Now for the fun.  The Marriage of Figaro is one of my faves because it’s funny.  It’s about a skirt chasing count who is married to a countess.  The count is constantly trying to sleep with Susanna (the personal maid of the countess) who is about to get married to Figaro (the personal valet to the count).  Everyone tries to trick the count and there’s lots of hiding and tricking and the count getting angry.

Sounds funny, doesn’t it? For more in depth descriptions go here.

Meanwhile, there are beautiful arias (songs) and great orchestrations.

The beautiful arias are where I come in. No, no, worry not,  I’m not singing a beautiful aria.  I only wish I sang that well outside of the shower.

As a closet opera geek I have been chosen to Tweet Live (LIVE!!) during the performance, Sunday February 5 2pm Eastern.

I am super stoked to have this awesome opportunity!

I hope you’ll join in the conversation on Twitter .

My handle is @IYAMPAM.

On Twitter.

It’ll be fun!

I’ll bring cookies.

See you Sunday February 5 @ 2pm Eastern.

On Twitter.