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April Blogging A to Z – I Island of the Blue Dolphins Guest Post by @nerissarain


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and I have the best book for you today. Or rather my BFF Alli (Al for short. or A) wants to tell you about

the best book ever!

Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell

Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell


Here’s Alli/Al/A to give you her thoughts. I’ll try to keep my mouth shut.

“I remember the day the Aleut ship came to our island. At first it seemed like a small shell afloat on the sea. Then it grew larger and was a gull with folded wings. At last in the rising sun it became what it really was – a red ship with two red sails.”

This story is inspired by the true story of “The Lone Woman of San Nicolas” (, a native woman who survived alone on an island off of the coast of California in the mid 1800’s.

Scott O’Dell writes beautifully, drawing us into the world in which Karana lives.  I know that I loved this book as a kid, likely drawn to some of the same things then as I am now.  The challenges this girl faced, the constant danger that sometimes seems hidden underneath the beautiful landscape I can easily imagine her in.

She has to find a way to survive, faces fears, learns about the world around her, and has to made decisions about which of the traditions of her people she is going to continue, and which she will turn away from.  As a child I know I was drawn to this story and re-reading it as an adult I find myself intrigued by it.  I want to know more, and find my imagination running wild.

Apparently Island of the Blue Dolphin was Scott O’Dells first children’s Book (’Dell.aspx) and I think this helps lend to the fact that it is just as interesting a read for adults.  He has tried to delve into a culture and world that has long since been lost, to tell the story of who was, without a doubt, a remarkable woman.


I don’t think there is a kid on the East Coast (where I live) who hasn’t read the book and loved it. I mean the idea of being ALONE and surviving? Stuff of dreams!  When you’re done over here, pop over to Alli’s blog: Eclectic Alli Tell her how much you loved Island of the Blue Dolphins too.

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