Feed Your Reader: What’s On My Device?

Feed Your Reader: What’s On My Device?



Yep, it’s true friends, not only do I read paper copies of books, but I LOVE to read books on my device. Devices.  Multiple. Many.  There are so many ways to read a book, I want to make sure I’m never too far from one. Here’s what I read on:

  • Kobo
  • Macbook
  • Kindle app on Ipad
  • audiobooks in car
  • on iphone

I know, I’m completely OBSESSED with reading! Now that you know (you already knew, right?) that I read books on all platforms, here are a few books that are on my reader waiting to love me.

Stand Up to Bullying



F is for Feelings

F is for Feelings


Surviving Summer Vacation

on my iphone/Audible


and more (of course!)

Reviews to come this summer…

What’s on YOUR device?


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Five Techy Tools Take to a Conference Like #BEA

It’s Conference season again! How did that happen? Book Expo America is in a few short weeks (GAH!) and like you, I’m prepping for this amazing conference. I thought I’d share a post from last year in hopes that it will help you.

Conferences mean lots of primping and prepping and priming ourselves for the onslaught of new friends and new experiences.  When I’m not reading books, I’m very involved in social media and I love to have all of my tools at the ready.  Being prepared is difficult to do on the road and no one wants to be in the middle of a great session only to find your device low on battery and nowhere to recharge it! That’s why the librarian in me loves to research and try ways to help myself and others stay prepared and never find yourself in that situation again.

Did I mention I’m going to Book Expo America in 12 days? Maybe not.

I’ve prepared a video of the five techy tools that are absolutely must take to a conference.  Like Book Expo America.

Because I’m always up for learning new tips and tricks, can you share yours in the comments? Merci!


STORYPANDA Presents Snoopy: You Can Be Anything!

Looking for an interactive iPad app? My people at StoryPanda have done it again!

Just in time for the holidays is

Snoopy: You Can Be Anything

You Can Be Anything


You may remember my fascination with Storypanda and their rendition of Todd Parr’s It’s Ok To Be Different. Here’s the post.  What I love about the many Storypanda apps is that you can edit them to fit your preferences.  You can put the child’s name as the main character or change the color of the outfits, etc. Take a look:

Storypanda Snoopy

As you know, I love pirates, so I thought it would be fun to be part of Snoopy’s (as BlackBeagle) crew.

Everyone’s favorite canine is going digital to remind the kid in all of us that we can be anything! We all know and love the Peanuts gang from Charlie Brown, to Linus, to Peppermint Patty, but the lovable beagle Snoopy is the star of the show. Charles M. Schulz’s story is a great way to talk to your kids about their future and what they want to be.

The fully interactive iPad app includes animations, sounds, 3D effects and voiceover narration. It also features a Create Mode where kids can personalize the heartfelt message. Kids can add their own names to the book to explore the endless possibilities of all the amazing things they can be. Plus on every page, families can change Snoopy’s costumes to add flair to their very own story. From an astronaut to a lawyer to just plain cool, the many faces of Snoopy serve as inspiration for kids everywhere.

Share your story creations through email, Facebook and Twitter so friends and family all around the world can see that children can be anything!


And at the book is less than $3; what’s not to love?

Four paws for Snoopy and Storypanda!

Unconventional Librarian 4paws


Add Storia to your Holiday Shopping List

Just in time for holiday shopping season, my good friends at Scholastic have a fun app for kids that I thought I would share with you! The app is called Storia, isn’t that a great name? Storia has learning activities, books, a dictionary and parental settings.

Here I am reading Bad Pets on the Storia app on my iPad:

How cute is that doggie? How could he possibly be bad?

Storia includes:

  • Learning activities-to enhance growth with helpful games
  • Read-to-me books-to create interactive experience
  • A dictionary-to comprehend the content
  • Highlighter and notetakers-to pinpoint the important information
  • Personalized Book Shelves– to organize each child’s reading levels
  • Private parent settings-to ensure your child is progressing with reading

The free app and the five free ebook downloads are the perfect supplement tools to enhance your child’s learning experience. Storia® also offers more than 2,000 titles for kids from toddlers through teens, about 350 of which are enriched with vocabulary, comprehension, and video activities.

The Storia® app can be downloaded FREE to PC, iPad or Android tablets (with more platforms to come later this fall) to start a digital library for home or classroom use, and comes with five FREE ebooks – including a special Clifford the Big Red Dog® ebook in honor of his Big Red 50th birthday this year.

Storia® has been recognized by Warren Buckleitner with the “Editor’s Choice Award” as “the top” children’s ebook app in Children’s Technology Review, named one of the “Top 10 Best High Tech Products of 2012” by Dr. Toy, and has received glowing reviews in The New York Times and School Library Journal.

Storia® ebooks can be purchased through The Scholastic Store online or Scholastic Book Clubs.

All of the above is just a fancy way of saying: download the Storia app, it’s fun!  I found it easy to use, it’s kinda like Kindle, only from Scholastic so you know it’ll be safe for the kiddos!

Here’s a video if you want to know more.