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April Blogging A to Z – Q Quasimodo

And here we are at letter Q. I know you’ve got to be thinking: What in the world are you gonna show us for Q? Well, if you look at the title, you’ll see Q is for Quasimodo!

Quasimodo the Brave by Disney


Excuse the quality of the photo; I’m thrilled that I found this book at Goodwill for like $.49! Anyway, Here is why I”m chosing Quasimodo for today’s letter:

  • Disney version is for kids
  • Quasimodo was born with a hunchback and a wart over his eye (check original version)
  • Quasimodo was born to a Romani family  (often called Gypsy)

So if those last two facts don’t convince you that Quasimodo belongs in our multicultural a to z challenge, then nothing will.  Granted, the Disney version is much sappier and cleaner and less horrifying but it still shows that Quasimodo had a kind heart.

Have you read The Hunchback of Notre Dame?