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Peppa Pig Tea Party!

The Tea Parties just don’t stop! One hot summer day we invited all the Peppa Pig fans to the bookstore for a Peppa Pig Tea Party! It was so hot but so much piggish fun!

Take a look:


How cute is THAT?? I took a pic in the Peppa Pig photo booth too. What a Perfect Day (just like Peppa Pig). Oink!



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The Map to Everywhere by Carrie Ryan and John Parke Davis


The Map to Everywhere by Carrie Ryan and John Parke Davis

You know I’m all about books with pirates, right? Good or bad, ugly or princess, if there’s a pirate in it, I want to read it!

You also know that I love a good opening line in a book. It sets the tone and if done accurately opens up a world of wonder.  Here’s the first line of The Map to Everywhere:

Fin crouched behind a rack of bootleg flavors, trying hard to ignore the taste of rat fu and broccoli juice seeping from the grungy bottles.

Love it! Makes me want to barf and run away at the same time.  But it also lets you know that the author(s) have some good stuff in store for you.

map to everywhere

To Master Thief Fin, an orphan from the murky pirate world of the Khaznot Quay, the Map is the key to finding his mother. To suburban schoolgirl Marrill, it’s her only way home after getting stranded on the Pirate Stream, the magical waterway that connects every world in creation. With the help of a bumbling wizard and his crew, they must scour the many worlds of the Pirate Stream to gather the pieces of the Map to Everywhere–but they aren’t the only ones looking. A sinister figure is hot on their tail, and if they can’t beat his ghostly ship to find the Map, it could mean the destruction of everything they hold dear!

I have a sneaky suspicion this will be a series and we’re going to find out what other trouble Fin and friends can get into.  Think Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean meet something; Oliver Twist maybe?

I dunno but I can’t wait for the next book. Sign me up, matey!



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Calling All Princesses, Pirates, and Fairies: Attend a Tea Party Benefit [email protected]


If you’ve been following along here at this blog, you’ll know that I host tea parties practically every weekend. You might also know that I’m a [email protected] Champion.  I’ve combined my love of kids and tea parties and I’m hosting a Fairy Tale Chari Tea Party Sunday August 10th.

Dress up like your favorite fairy tale character, play games, learn manners, and get educated about how vaccinations can make a difference to children all over the globe. Every child deserves a chance at a dress up party, right? All little girls dream of being princesses, and all kids deserve a chance to be healthy little people.

Come join the fun. You can sign up here.

Here’s me in a tutu for incentive


I might even talk about diarrhea!

Books Children

Music Audio Stories are DELIGHTFUL

You know how much I love to read stories to the little ones, right? Well I love listening to storytellers almost as much! There’s nothing like getting inside your own head using the voice of the reader as the narrator in your story. That’s what makes a great audio book great: a good speaking voice. Some audio books I’ve listened to would have been so much more enjoyable had the reader been a different person.

So you can imagine how delighted I was to meet the great people at Busy Bees Publishing who have published music audio stories. Music audio stories are exactly what they sound like: stories set to music and read by wonderfully talented actors!

Music Audio Stories


I can’t stop listening to these stories; the actors’ voices carry the story forward along with the engaging music; I LOVE them! These are stories that you can download on your device and your kids can listen to them again and again and again.

And again. Cuz that’s how kids roll, right?



Not only is the music great, they have English accents and now I WANT AN ENGLISH ACCENT!! (whining in my best Veruca Salt voice)

Here’s where you can get in on the fun.





Now I’m OFF to go practice speaking my best English accent. Don’t be too surprised if I start making all my videos in that voice, right?