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Tea Parties in Winter @Townebookcenter Fancy Nancy Mermaid Ballet

Fancy Nancy is one of our fave parties to host. Here are some pics from a Fancy Nancy Mermaid Ballet party we hosted recently:


MermaidBallet Collage

Books Tea Parties

Fancy Nancy Aspiring Artist Tea Party

I love all things Fancy Nancy because she and I are Francophiles. Every situation is made better by speaking French, non?

We recently hosted a birthday party for another little Francophile.  Check it out:

Fancy Nancy Aspiring Artist


Books Tea Parties

Bookish Tea Party Fun: Fancy Nancy Games!

During our bookish tea parties, we play games! Nothing is cuter than seeing a gaggle of beribboned and bedazzled little princesses (and sometimes pirates) running around the bookstore on a scavenger hunt.  Here are some fun games we played recently.
Leah is super tricky as she hides the butterfly under the cups and then shuffles the cups around.  The party goers have to decide what cup is the right one.
SCORE!! The partygoer (BIRTHDAY GIRL) chooses the right cup!
Next is our famous scavenger hunt. Can you find the missing clothes for Fancy Nancy’s recital?
Where could it be???
You know what the extra fun bit about this game is? Whenever there are customers looking at books near these shelves, they instantly want to help the partygoers find the missing items. It’s SO cute!
What party games do you like to play with your guests aged approx 5-9?
Books Tea Parties

Bookish Tea Party Fun: More Fancy Nancy Fun!

Many little girls love to dress up, so Fancy Nancy and Princesses and Frozen are our most popular parties. Here are a few pics from our most recent Fancy Nancy party.

Fancy Nancy Budding Ballerina.jpg

Fancy Nancy Budding Ballerina book!



A ballet lesson taught by Leah.

Stay tuned for another post about Fancy Nancy party games!


Books Tea Parties

Bookish Tea Party Fun: Fancy Nancy


One of the best parts of hosting tea parties is decorating!

2014-03-08 13.54.49


Look at how beautiful the Fancy Nancy decorations are: pink and yellow are perfect together.



Books Tea Parties

Bookish Tea Party Fun: The Importance of Cookies

2014-04-04 17.20.47


There’s nothing worse than a party with no cookies. Well maybe there is but at a tea party, yummy cookies are ESSENTIAL.  Check out the different kinds of cookies we’ve had. WARNING: MAY CAUSE DROOLING!


Angelina cookies.jpg
Angelina Ballerina


and these

2014-04-19 14.49.11
Nancy Drew cookies


and how about

Mermaid cookies.jpg
Mermaid cookies


or maybe

pirate treats
pirate treats



Don’t they look delish? We couldn’t wait to nosh on these adorable and totally yummy cookies during our parties!


Tea Parties

Bookish Tea Party Fun: Fancy Nancy


The Lorax


Here’s a moment when we were caught off guard. We were finishing up the final touches of the party and pretending I was giving a manners lesson.  You should NOT make yuckky faces if you eat something you don’t like at a tea party.