How to Get Started Vlogging by Pam Margolis



Do you vlog? Why or why not? You must know by now that I vlog.  I love nothing more than to get in front of the camera to share my love of books with my friends.  I love watching other vlogs because it makes me feel like I actually know the person I’m watching.  Haven’t you ever wondered what someone’s voice sounded like? When you meet them in person are you like: Hey, I thought your voice would be higher, deeper, scratchier, etc?

Anyway where was I? Oh. Vlogging.  I wrote a book called How to Get Started Vlogging just in case you want to get started vlogging but didn’t know how.

Cuz it is easy. I spoke at Book Expo America (BEA) about vlogging.

And now, I wrote a book about how to get started vlogging.




If you’ve thought about vlogging but didn’t think you could because it was too difficult; think again. Grab a copy of my book and see how easy it is for yourself!




Feed Your Reader: What’s On My Device?

Feed Your Reader: What’s On My Device?



Yep, it’s true friends, not only do I read paper copies of books, but I LOVE to read books on my device. Devices.  Multiple. Many.  There are so many ways to read a book, I want to make sure I’m never too far from one. Here’s what I read on:

  • Kobo
  • Macbook
  • Kindle app on Ipad
  • audiobooks in car
  • on iphone

I know, I’m completely OBSESSED with reading! Now that you know (you already knew, right?) that I read books on all platforms, here are a few books that are on my reader waiting to love me.

Stand Up to Bullying



F is for Feelings

F is for Feelings


Surviving Summer Vacation

on my iphone/Audible


and more (of course!)

Reviews to come this summer…

What’s on YOUR device?


Listen to a bestseller for $7.49 at!

Books Children

Music Audio Stories are DELIGHTFUL

You know how much I love to read stories to the little ones, right? Well I love listening to storytellers almost as much! There’s nothing like getting inside your own head using the voice of the reader as the narrator in your story. That’s what makes a great audio book great: a good speaking voice. Some audio books I’ve listened to would have been so much more enjoyable had the reader been a different person.

So you can imagine how delighted I was to meet the great people at Busy Bees Publishing who have published music audio stories. Music audio stories are exactly what they sound like: stories set to music and read by wonderfully talented actors!

Music Audio Stories


I can’t stop listening to these stories; the actors’ voices carry the story forward along with the engaging music; I LOVE them! These are stories that you can download on your device and your kids can listen to them again and again and again.

And again. Cuz that’s how kids roll, right?



Not only is the music great, they have English accents and now I WANT AN ENGLISH ACCENT!! (whining in my best Veruca Salt voice)

Here’s where you can get in on the fun.





Now I’m OFF to go practice speaking my best English accent. Don’t be too surprised if I start making all my videos in that voice, right?