Tea Parties

Find Your Tribe at a CHIMA party!

We recently hosted a Chima party for an incredibly sweet little guy turning 7. Tired of all the princess parties, we jumped at the chance to try something different, enter the CHIMA!

I am now well versed in Chima lore and am certain that before coffee, I belong to Crunket’s tribe of crocodiles.  How fun is Chima in that there are roles for boys AND girls? Wondering if I could get someone to make me some cool Eris wings for when I need a break from my fairy wings?

But I digress. Check out these fun pics from a super fun Chima party!

chima Collage

During the Chima party, we drank sweet Chi (tea!), searched for missing orbs, played pin the sword on Laval, guess the Chima character, and decorated our swords. During the manners lesson we had to reinstate our “No Weapons At The Table” rule like we did with the pirates.

It was fun.  What have you done for your fave Chima kid?


Got Boys? LEGO LEGENDS OF CHIMA #1: “High Risk” is HERE!

If you’ve got boys at home then you’ve undoubtedly heard of CHIMA! I’ve snuck into their world and brought back a few advanced copies of their latest book. I hope you enjoy this sneaky peeky of



LEGO Legends of Chima #1: High Risk!



LEGO Legends of Chima #1: High Risk!

Whaddaya think? Pretty neat, huh?

Many thanks to my friends at Papercutz. Check out their website for more fun and for Pete’s sake, tell them PammyPam sent ya!