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Cat Thursday – Cleopatra Jones

I love participating in Michelle from The True Book Addict’s weekly meme: Cat Thursday.

Cat Thursday is a meme to celebrate authors, readers and CATS!

My cat, Cleopatra Jones, is very talented.

She can read books and magazines

and newspapers

Here is reading the Inquirer.

She really seems to be enjoying it wouldn’t you say?

What does your cat like to read?


Cat Thursday

Today is Cat Thursday, a meme hosted by my friend Michelle at The True Book Addict.

To celebrate Cat Thursday,

Cleo and I

are reading

The Cat who Turned On and Off

by Lillian Jackson Braun

I am happy to report that this book also qualifies as part of the

What an Animal Reading Challenge


Getting Lost in a Comfortable Book Challenge

So it’s like a Two-fer!


I’m sure Bailey is waiting for a book about dogs…


Cat Thursday

Welcome to Cat Thursday

a weekly meme hosted by my friend

Michelle at The True Book Addict

today’s pic does not come from Cleo

she has been busy lately watching

Downton Abbey

see how she guards the remote?

in honor of librarians and cats everywhere

who are looking to train their cat to share the remote!


Cat Thursday

This edition of Cat Thursday shows Cleo reading a book for book club

what is she reading?

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

i hope she finishes it

by Feb 1st!

Wanna see more cats?

Go over to my bestie

at The True Book Addict

to see what other cats are up to!



Cat Thursday

it’s snowing outside but since Cleo Cat doesn’t go outside,

she has to find ways to amuse herself.

Here’s one:

she sat in there for hours.


she never said.

you, too, can play along with me and

Michelle the True Book Addict.

Books Memes

Cat Thursday

My new friend, Michelle, at The True Book Addict

hosts a fun meme on Thursdays called Cat Thursday.

If you know anything about me, you know I love animals and have a cat of my own.

Or should I say, she has us.

Lest you forget, her name is

Cleopatra Jones.

One year while on vacation,

Cleo and I read

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

my review of the movie is here:

Cleo says

just like Lisbeth Salander!