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Book Themed Halloween Party!

I’ve been very busy hosting parties lately. Just recently we hosted a Witches and Warlocks tea party! Everyone came dressed in costume, even a few parents; kids love it when parents participate in dress up. So do I!

Halloweenparty Collage


We had so much fun at the party. The book I read  (see lower right) is called I Want to be a Witch by Ian Cunliffe.

want to be a witch


We tossed potions into a witches hat, picked creepy bugs and other gross things to put into the tea, and made a delightful owl craft.  Oh and how could I forget pin the nose on the pumpkin?

What a great way to combine Halloween and books!

What is your favorite Halloween book?

Books Tea Parties

Bookish Tea Party Fun: Miss Spider’s Tea Party

Miss Spider


Who doesn’t love Miss Spider? Combined with October, it’s a chance to either be creepy for Halloween or not. Your choice. Miss Spider is NOT creepy!

MissSpider game.jpg


And here you can play a version of pin the tail on the donkey but pin Miss Spider in her web. Even the littles can do it!











Books Tea Parties

Bookish Tea Party Fun: Angelina Ballerina

Every little girl dreams of being a ballerina, right? That’s why we enjoyed our Angelina Ballerina Tea Party so much!

Angelina Ballerina


See what you can create with a little bit of effort? And Look how yummy these cookies look!

Angelina cookies.jpg


Don’t you think you can do it too?






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Calling All Princesses, Pirates, and Fairies: Attend a Tea Party Benefit [email protected]


If you’ve been following along here at this blog, you’ll know that I host tea parties practically every weekend. You might also know that I’m a [email protected] Champion.  I’ve combined my love of kids and tea parties and I’m hosting a Fairy Tale Chari Tea Party Sunday August 10th.

Dress up like your favorite fairy tale character, play games, learn manners, and get educated about how vaccinations can make a difference to children all over the globe. Every child deserves a chance at a dress up party, right? All little girls dream of being princesses, and all kids deserve a chance to be healthy little people.

Come join the fun. You can sign up here.

Here’s me in a tutu for incentive


I might even talk about diarrhea!