Tea Parties

Western Tea Party

Yee haw! Recently we hosted a tea party for all my fave buckaroos! I grabbed my tutu, shined up my cowperson boots, and topped it all off with my sheriff’s hat.  As Leah said: we had a rootin tootin tea! Take a look at some of the pics.

12022583_420187934834455_1505992660374177233_o 11990502_420188258167756_6380051306146901284_n Cowboy Camp by Tammi Sauer 11224120_420189714834277_8611895961922532657_n

The little cowpokes that came were dressed so adorably I almost screamed.  The book, Cowboy Camp was so fun: it’s a bout a little feller who goes to camp but doesn’t like the food and is allergic to the animals but somehow manages to defeat the bad guy (Black Bart. Not real happy with that name but that’s another conversation)!

My partner, Leah, is so creative and I had a durn good time practicing my Texas accent and trying not to slip and fall in my boots. How DO cowboys walk in those things? My dogs were barking at the end of the party!

I know y’all are dying to see me in my get up, aren’t ya?

Here t’is.

Sheriff Pam

See ya’ll next time!

Tea Parties

Find Your Tribe at a CHIMA party!

We recently hosted a Chima party for an incredibly sweet little guy turning 7. Tired of all the princess parties, we jumped at the chance to try something different, enter the CHIMA!

I am now well versed in Chima lore and am certain that before coffee, I belong to Crunket’s tribe of crocodiles.  How fun is Chima in that there are roles for boys AND girls? Wondering if I could get someone to make me some cool Eris wings for when I need a break from my fairy wings?

But I digress. Check out these fun pics from a super fun Chima party!

chima Collage

During the Chima party, we drank sweet Chi (tea!), searched for missing orbs, played pin the sword on Laval, guess the Chima character, and decorated our swords. During the manners lesson we had to reinstate our “No Weapons At The Table” rule like we did with the pirates.

It was fun.  What have you done for your fave Chima kid?

Books Tea Parties

Bookish Tea Party Fun: Minnie Mouse Fun

Nothing is more fun than a costume party, right? What about a birthday costume party?? During October, we were lucky to host a birthday party for a little miss who wanted a Minnie Mouse Costume Birthday party!

Minnie mouse

Isn’t that cute? Like I’ve said before; my partner Leah is a creative genius.

minnie mouse decor


Another angle of the table settings.

Got cookies?

minnie mouse cookies


We do! Sweet little pink minnie cookies. YUM!

As a bonus, the party goers attended the party in their costumes!  We had 3 or 4 princesses, Iron Man, and Mike and Sully from Monster’s Inc. And never let anyone tell you that boys don’t like crafts.

Iron man mask

Why? Because Iron Man took off his mask to make a specially decorated mask for this costume party!

It was great fun!  Have you ever hosted a costume party for kiddos?

Books Tea Parties

Bookish Tea Party Fun: Fancy Nancy Games!

During our bookish tea parties, we play games! Nothing is cuter than seeing a gaggle of beribboned and bedazzled little princesses (and sometimes pirates) running around the bookstore on a scavenger hunt.  Here are some fun games we played recently.
Leah is super tricky as she hides the butterfly under the cups and then shuffles the cups around.  The party goers have to decide what cup is the right one.
SCORE!! The partygoer (BIRTHDAY GIRL) chooses the right cup!
Next is our famous scavenger hunt. Can you find the missing clothes for Fancy Nancy’s recital?
Where could it be???
You know what the extra fun bit about this game is? Whenever there are customers looking at books near these shelves, they instantly want to help the partygoers find the missing items. It’s SO cute!
What party games do you like to play with your guests aged approx 5-9?
Books Tea Parties

Bookish Tea Party Fun: Orange Tabby



It’s a Dewey Party!  Not really but the colors of the party go well with the book and the young miss liked cats so we incorporated that into the theme as well. Our birthday girl was turning 12 and she and her friends were good readers.  It was easy to develop a party that these little ladies could enjoy.



We played pictionary using book titles.  The player chose a book title from a basket and then had to draw the title without using words.  Can you guess what this book title is?

Tea Party Games



And of course, you can guess what book title this is, right? What other bookish games can you think of?