Diversity Reading Challenge

Rachel Isadora’s I Just Want to Say Goodnight is a cute, diverse picture book for the littles

I Just want to say GoonNight

I just want to say goodnight

AAAARGGGGHHHH!! You know how difficult it is to get little ones to go to bed, right? LOL Well apparently littles all over the world are no different. In this delightful, I Just Want to Say GoodNight, little Lala knows it’s time for bed, but is finding EVERY possible excuse to prolong bedtime: she needs to say goodnight to the fish, the cat, and the goat! She even wants to say goodnight to a rock. ¬†Exasperated, Mama finally gets the little one in bed and Lala has one more goodnight to say: to the moon.

SUPER cute book! I love the diversity of this book; set in a village in Africa the beautiful illustrations depict what feels to be a realistic interpretation of life there. Also? small ones everywhere will be able to relate to Lala. Who wants to go to bed when there is so much to see and do?

I love this book. Diversity without banging your head against a wall.


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Roar by Julie Bayless

As most of us know, getting little ones to sleep can be DIFFICULT. Imagine what would happen if you could go to sleep and let the little one roam free while you slept? Bayless must have encountered this dilemma because she’s penned this story about an adorable little lion who is wide awake while everyone around him snores.

Roar by Julie Bayless

Jumping from tree to tree through bushes and lakes in the jungle, little lion offers everyone he meets an invitation to play by saying “ROAR”!  The problem is, most everyone answers with “snore” because they are asleep or eeek! because he has scared them.

Finally, FINALLY!! Little lion finds a playmate. After a long night of playing, they nod off to sleep.

So adorable.  Perfect bedtime book! This would also be perfect for nap time.