More Jason Segel Fun: Nightmares!

You might have heard that Jason Segel, of How I Met Your Mother fame has a middle grade book coming out soon. Segel was at BEA14 this but I didn’t get the opportunity to meet him.  Many people stood in looooooong lines to say hello, though.  You might remember I previewed the book last month.

Here’s another fun bit: A viewmaster!


Remember viewmasters when you were a kid? I SO wish I could find my old ones.  Did you have a fave viewmaster story as a little one? Do tell!


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Adult Fiction Books

What I’m Reading: BEA14 Edition Phoenixville Rising by Robb Cadigan

To be sure, I meet alot of authors. And of course, I like their books, which generally means I like the author. Generally speaking of course, there are a few exceptions. But Robb Cadigan is not one of them. Robb is one of my cronies from around the way in suburban Philadelphia.  When he’s not stalking my Facebook page, he is generally a really great guy who’s written a great book.

Phoenixville Rising



All kidding aside, Robb is a great guy who’s written a great book. It’ll be my traveling companion during the snippets of quiet time during the downtime at BEA. (mostly 3 am)  I’m so thrilled to host him at our bookclub in June.  Check out his blog and friend him on Facebook.  Mention my name so he knows you’re legit.