Books Children Holiday Gift Guide

Calling All Globe-Toddlers! See the World with My Little Cities by Jennifer Adams


The holiday season is right around the corner (oh noes!) and that means trips to visit grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. Teach your globe toddlers all about the world with these super adorbs (and travel friendly) titles:

  • My Little Cities: San Francisco. Not only will your traveler recognize some of the city’s’ best tourist spots; but the book rhymes!
  • My Little Cities: New York. You’ll see the Empire State, the NYPL lions, Times Square and other famous haunts.
  • My Little Cities: Paris. Across the pond you’ll visit Shakespeare and Co bookstore, The Louvre, the all important Eiffel Tower, and a really strange ossuary that even I didn’t know existed.
  • My Little Cities: London. Grab the train and head for Buckingham Palace or the famous spot where the Beatles walked, and don’t forget Big Ben.

The best bit about the books is that at the back there’s an appendix of sorts, with explanations of the sights depicted in the book. So it’s like a walking tourist map for the littles! How fun would it be to use these books to plan a vaca for you and your little traveler?



Literature for Babies: Baby Lit

I recently received two adorable books in the mail. They are part of the BabyLit series:  “BabyLit is a fashionable way to introduce your child to the world of classic literature.  Visit for more information.”  I strongly believe that even the littlest of babies can enjoy books so these BabyLit books were a perfect choice.

I thought it would be fun to show whether the littles enjoyed these books or not.  The following are photos of me reading to babies 12 -18 months old.

Here I am presenting the title.  I’ve caught the attention of two little ones.

Unconventional Librarian reads Jane Eyre









Then as you can see little Miss Sophia is trying to upstage me!  Never work with kids and dogs, right?

Unconventional Librarian reading Jane Eyre

But I can’t help myself. Finally, she gets a copy of the book for herself.

Unconventional Librarian showing a baby Jane Eyre

She’s opening it upside down, but that’s ok! She’s getting a feel for how books look and feel. She’s finished with Jane Eyre.  What will she choose next?

Unconventional Librarian and baby reading Jane Eyre

Let’s see…

Unconventional Librarian reads Alice in Wonderland

I think it’s Alice in Wonderland by Little Master Carroll!

As you can see, the BabyLit books were a hit with my little ones! I highly recommend these books as the illustrations are beautiful and contagious enough for little ones to enjoy yet older children can follow along a little more closely for a more in-depth reading.

I give these books four paws!